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Challan 280 : How To Pay Your Income Tax Online With Challan 280

What Is Challan 280 In Reference To Income Tax?

The income tax online payment can be made in various branches of the bank online, as well as in cash/check/demand draft. Regardless of whether you pay taxes online or by visiting Challan No./ ITNS 280 in all cases. Challan is a form for the government to pay tax. The tax paid by Challan shall first be deposited in the authorized banks and then in the Department of Revenue Tax. 

Income tax challan payment can be made online or offline by submission of the challan to the designated branches. Challan 280 is one of the six challans which the income taxpayers have to fill according to the department of income tax. It is used to pay tax, corporate tax and individual tax on a regular basis. 

Challan 280 is a necessary way to pay your income tax online. You must complete the details of the form,  for income tax online payment by clicking on the link https://onlineservices.tin.egov-nsdl.com-etaxnew/tdsnontds.jsp. You can also make the payment offline.

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Online Way To File Challan 280 

The IT department has launched the e-payment facility for the payment by taxpayers of direct taxes online. This enables taxpayers to choose between two modes of payment for direct taxes.

  1. The physical method of payment by producing a hard copy of Challan on the authorized bank and 
  2. E-payment modes, i.e. by making payment with one of the authorized banks via a net banking process.

Steps To File Challan 280

  • Step 1:Visit the website of NSDL - https://www.tin-nsdl.com/

  • Step 2: Choose the 'Services' option on your homepage and then select the 'E-Payment: Pay Tax Online' feature in the drop-down box, or to access online payment, choose the 'Online Tax Payment and click link on the right side of the page.

  • Step 3:The web page will be redirected to the e-payment of income tax page, select the 'Challan No./ITNS 280' from the options list .

  • Step 4: In the new page, the income tax payment details such as PAN, evaluation year, etc. will have to be provided in the form.
  • Step 5: Once the form is completed, select "(0021) Revenue Tax option (Other Companies), if you are an IT payer. Choose the '(0020),' if your paying corporate tax is for a business.
  • Step 6: Select from the list provided the relevant 'Payment Type.' (100) Advance Tax, (102) Surtax, (106) Distributed Profit Tax, (107), Distributed Income Tax., (300) Self-Assessment Tax, and (400) Regular Assessment Tax.
  • Step 7: Next, select the convenient payment method. Either via netbanking or by means of a debit card. This can happen. Select the name of the bank from the list below.
  • Step 8: Enter the details of the PAN and the evaluation year. For the period 1 April 2018-31 March 2019, the corresponding assessment year is 2019-20.
  • Step 9: In the end, the address details, area, state, contact details etc. must be completed.
  • Step 10: The final step is to press "Go" after the Captcha code has been entered and the page will redirect to the e-payment of income tax gateway, where the normal online payment of income tax procedure can be continued.

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How To Download Challan 280 

By following the following steps, Challan 280 can be downloaded 

  • Step 1: Visit www.incometaxindia.gov.in on Income Tax India's official website

  • Step 2: Click on the home page in the top menu to choose the option 'Forms/Downloads.'

  • Step 3: In the "Forms/Download" menu, click the "Challans" option.

  • Step 4: A new webpage is shown with the list of Challans that can be downloaded.
  • Step 5: Click on 'ITNS-280' in the top of the list from this list.

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  • Step 6: Two different formats are available for the Challan 280 and the other Challans, a PDF and a Fill-out Format. 


Offline Way To Pay Income Tax Via Challan 280  

  • Visit the Income Tax Dept's official website.
  • Complete in all the details, equivalent to the online method.
  • Send the challan to one of branches of the bank.
  • Pay by cash / cheque / demand bill.
  • Collect a 5-digit challan receipt with a 7-digit BSR Code. Collect the challan receipt.
  • Only mention your ITR details once you paid the tax with Challan 280. Under the tab "Self Tax Payments" you have to provide a five-digit challan serial number and a seven-digit BSR code.

Proof Of Payment Of Tax 

Tax Payment evidence: A stamped counterfoil serves as evidence to tax paid. It includes the CIN, the date of payment, the amount paid as a tax, etc. The CIN contains a 7-digit BSR serial number of the bank branch that transactions and the transfer date. CIN may be useful, especially during ITR filing, in future references. In the event of any malfunction, the CIN could also be regenerated.

Verification Of E-payment of Income Tax Challan 

  • Challan Tax Verification Payment: a Challan verification confirms the E-payment of Income Tax Challan status. The CIN-based view or the TAN-based view can be verified. Details such as the CIN, the BSR code, the serial challan number etc. are provided in the CIN view to track challans statements. 
  • TAN View: In the TAN view, the tax deduction and collection number or TAN, the date of tender, etc., are displayed for viewing the CIN. Where reimbursement is pending, the taxpayer can view the refund status 10 days after the officer has sent their refund to the banker.
  • TDS challan 280 is available on the government website in excellent sheet format. The income tax department performs one of the key yet difficult tasks of collecting taxes. 
  • The introduction of an online payment function, such as the Challan 280, have made the process of tax collection both for taxpayers and the government more effective and efficient. E-Payment of income tax makes it easier for taxpayers to pay direct taxes online.

Challan Amendments After Submission 

Assessee may request modifications to Challan that may be made by the banks concerned. The banks take about 7 days to make important changes in information such as TAN and PAN, the total amount and so on. The banks also can change the date of deposit of Challan, the nature of their payments, etc. for approximately 3 months. Particulars To Be Entered In Challan  Income tax No.280/ITNS 280 Challan is to be mentioned in particular as follows -

  • It is required to correctly quote PAN. The Assessee may be levied Rs. 10,000/- as penalty in the event of a false quotation pursuant to Section 272B of the Income Tax Act.
  • Comprehensive name (As mentioned in the PAN)
  • Complete address City, state, pincode and phone number.
  • For the next step, payment type under the Income Tax Challan No.280/ITNS 280 is available
    • Promotional tax (Code 100)
    • Tax on self assessment (Code 300)
    • Regular evaluation tax (Code 400)
    • Extra charge (Code 102)
    • Domestic companies' distributed profit tax (Code 106) 
    • Unit holder distributed revenue tax (Code 107) 

For What Type Of Payments Can E- Challan 280 Be Used?   You can pay for the distributed profit or the distributed income by using Challan 280. This includes self-evaluating tax, advance tax, regular appreciation tax and surcharge. Things to remember when you pay tax

  • It is noted that people make general errors when paying taxes. Therefore, take note of this when you pay taxes:
  • Choose the correct Assessment year: Many people make errors during the assessment year. The financial year is often confused with the assessment year. The year of assessment is the year after the financial year.
  • Select the correct code for taxes: Often the wrong code is selected for 'tax applicable' and 'payment type.' If you have selected the incorrect code, then your account with the tax department, i.e. 26AS, will not include the tax payment.

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Tax Payment Types (Challan 280) 

Income tax challan 280 online payment is not just intended for persons who operate their business in India, and persons such as you and I. Various other categories also have to pay taxes and file an online return on their income tax return. Here are some other tax payment types:

Advance Tax -Only if your current tax liability of the assessment year exceeds Rs10,000 will this tax be preferable. You can then make advance tax payments based on the calculation for the next few years.

Surcharge- This is a form of tax, paid when you have crossed the income threshold and have to pay the surcharge, above the normal income tax percentage calculated. 

Tax on profit distribution- This type of tax only applies to the shareholders of a company or an organisation where the profit is distributed by the company between the shareholders as a whole. In this case, the company and even its shareholders must pay from its end the taxes.

Apart from the profit received from the company by the shareholder, the shareholder shall be liable for this charge or tax if they buy back shares or have income divided.

Self-Evaluation Tax Employees- with TDS are debited by the department of income tax in form of PF and self-appraisal tax is imposed when they pay the balance tax for the applied income that remains after the payment through TDS.


The introduction of an online function of payment, like the Challan 280, made the collection of taxes more efficient and effective for both the taxpayer and the government. E-Tax Payment simplifies the payment of direct taxes by taxpayers online. Hope you enjoyed reading the article. Thanks for sharing your valuable time with this article.


Is online tax payable compulsory?

All businesses and non-corporate tax-payers covered by the audit under  Section 44AB shall be required to pay tax online.

What can I do if my bank isn't e-tax authorised?

If your bank is not authorised to e-pay, you can use any other person whose bank can provide the same facilities.

What is the online payment schedule? 

A person has to check the netbanking website for this purpose.

My counterfoil was misplaced. What am I supposed to do?Visit the Income Tax Dept's official website.
Complete in all the details, equivalent to the online method.
Send the challan to one of branches of the bank.
Pay by cash / cheque / demand bill.
Collect a 5-digit challan receipt with a 7-digit BSR Code. Collect the challan receipt.
Only mention your ITR details once you paid the tax with Challan 280. Under the tab "Self Tax Payments" you have to provide a five-digit challan serial number and a seven-digit BSR code.

In the event that counterfoil is misplaced, banks provide online regeneration facilities for challan.

How about debiting my account for the same transaction twice?

  • If you found an error or disconnected before you have generated a taxpayer counterfoil during the transaction or when the bank site is finally complete, then please check your account again instead of the same transaction. 
  • If your account was debited, contact the taxpayer's counterfoil for your bank. Please note that in the above case, the account is not debited more than one time for the same e-payment of income tax transaction.                                   

How can I check online the condition of my challan?

In order to keep track of the status of your income tax online payment challan online you will have to enter details such as the challan number, the challan serial number, the bid date and the bank code BSR. When you enter the tax you paid, you can also find out whether or not you entered the right amount.

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