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The Complete Guide to Online Teaching

Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers are also those people who transmit the knowledge generation by generation. They are also making a generation intelligent. A person, what will he do in his future will depend on his knowledge. The teacher helps us to decide our future.

During COVID-19, all the schools and colleges were shut down, severely affecting the teaching industry. Before the pandemic, online teaching was only limited to higher studies, and the pandemic showed us the need for online education.

If you are among those people who want to teach others, we hope this article will help you make up your mind about online teaching

Did you know?

PM eVidya was launched on May 17, 2020, as a comprehensive initiative unifying digital, online, and on-air education efforts amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Is Online Teaching?

From the name, it is self-evident. It is simple teaching, but the mode is online. As people teach in a schoolroom, one can teach from their home. You need to have a computer or a mobile phone and an internet connection for online teaching. Some applications like Google Meet, Microsoft Team, and Zoom allow teachers and students to join and form a virtual classroom. It is a new process of learning and teaching. It is just like a conference. Anyone can learn anything from anywhere with the help of the internet.

Online teaching is very beneficial. If you are teaching online, it will be your job to teach your students. All the interactions will be between you and the students, and there will be no third-party involvement. You will not teach under any institutions, so there will be no strict rules or regulations. You can be your boss. Another reason it is beneficial is that you can earn more. In this case, you can teach anyone from any school, and you do not have to worry about regular classes. 

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How Does Online Teaching Work?

You might be an expert in a subject that you want to teach. In online teaching, you need to have basic computer knowledge. All the studies are made virtually. You need to know how to make PowerPoint presentations or PDFs, which is crucial. You can take help from others or learn by yourself with YouTube videos. You need to evaluate students, and all of this can be possible virtually. You can take pictures and make them into PDFs. If you want to start your online teaching business professionally, you can hire any writer who can write your content and will do all the presentations.

If you are done with making content, the next thing is to present them. You can choose any platform to teach. These platforms are designed with many features to help you track all the records. You can present your content simply from your computer and phone, and you can also take lectures with video calls. In a video call meeting, you can easily interact with your students.

Why Should You Choose Online Teaching?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider becoming an online tutor. 

Work From Home

You need to be under some institution in the traditional teaching methods. There you have to follow the rules of the institutions. You need to make it physically to classrooms every day, which in some cases involves a lot of travel and might lead to fatigue. In the online method, you work from home and avoid the hassle of travelling long distances.


Online learning can be suitable for both students and teachers. First, it gives the teacher to learn more, and they can create more valuable content. The study material can be unique to add more value to the student's life. Not only that, the students feel more excited to learn through the internet, and it can be a more exciting way for them.


When a teacher teaches online, they can lower their fees. Also, the study material can be spread among more students. Many people can not study or take extra tuition in India because of financial constraints. For such people, online learning can be more beneficial. Through study materials, they can quickly learn. Some courses are available at low prices, and a student might opt for them. In that way, a teacher can help learn more students and, as a result, earn more.

You Can Teach Anything

The best part of online teaching is that anyone can teach anything. In the traditional method, one can only teach subjects related to the academy. With online teaching, you aren’t limited. Suppose you are a native Bengali speaker, but you want to learn Kannada. Through online teaching, it can be possible. You can also upgrade your skills in almost anything. A good example would be learning coding or graphic designing from the internet.

How Much Can You Earn Through Online Teaching?

Unlike the traditional methods, you can earn much more from online teaching. It can be very beneficial for full-time teachers, and some people take teaching as a part-time occupation.

A teacher can earn ₹500-1000 by teaching online in one hour. Teachers earn ₹60,000 per month on some platforms, and they only need to work for 5-6 hours. If you teach some subject at an advanced level, you can charge more.

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Some Online Teaching Platforms

Below are some well-known platforms to teach online. You can try any of them to teach online. Here are some of the online teaching platforms in India

  1. Chugg Tutors
  2. Tutor.com
  3. Tutor Me
  4. My private tutor.
  5. Skooli
  6. Wise
  7. Buddyschool
  8. Verbling
  10. Qkids
  11. Linkgoda
  12. Calmly
  13. Preply
  14. Italky
  15. Myngle.

Some Online Teaching Tips

  • You must have expertise in particular subjects, so why not share them. It is suggested that you should try different platforms to teach. When you share knowledge on more platforms, you get more experience from them and more earnings.
  • If you choose to teach online, you need to be very professional. 
  • When you teach some students, you must evaluate them. For that, you need to learn how you can do that. You can check the platforms if they have any facilities to take tests, or you can start them on your own.
  • Teaching is a very tedious job. When you are teaching someone, you need to give all your energy. If teaching is your passion and you do it without taking breaks, it can be harmful in the long term. Make sure that you give yourself time to rest and recuperate. 


Teaching is considered one of the noble jobs in society. Online teaching isn’t limited to academics. It opens new avenues to learn and study. For a teacher, online teaching can be more profitable than traditional one, and it is less hectic. Also, any person can teach, and anyone can learn. For instance, a teenager who dances very well can earn money by teaching others.

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Q: Who can start online teaching?


Anyone with a passion for teaching can start.

Q: What will I need to start online teaching?


You will need internet connections and a smartphone or laptop.

Q: Online teaching or offline, which one is best?


Every method has its pros and cons, depending on the individual.

Q: Is online teaching profitable?


Yes, it is profitable enough for a person.

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