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How To Start A Laundry Business In India

Washing clothes is a time-consuming task, and if done incorrectly, the clothes may lose their lustre, or the fabric quality may deteriorate over time. Certain garments, particularly those that are delicate and expensive, require dry cleaning, which can only be done by professionals. This is where the laundry industry comes in.

What is a laundry business?

Laundry service is a concept that originated in Western countries. Due to hectic schedules and lack of time, many individuals overlook one of the most crucial household chores, i.e., laundry. To alleviate this load, laundry services were established. Typically, people go to the laundry shop to get their garments washed on their own. Customers utilise the laundry facility, offer their work while still paying for the use of the laundry equipment. The laundry business has existed in India for many years, but with the rise in demand and changes in people's preferences and lifestyles, it's rapidly gaining popularity. 

To succeed in any profession, you must know the fundamentals of the business. The laundry business is simple and easy to understand. Even though the laundromat sector is a competitive business, it does not prevent entrepreneurs with innovative ideas from succeeding. It is a lucrative sector, especially when a company is strategically positioned. Laundromats attract many customers, including busy corporate executives, students, and even senior folks.

Why should you start a laundry service?

Regardless of the season or economic situation, people must wash their clothes, making the laundry business one of the most steady sectors in the country. People are frequently preoccupied with work, food, kids, and other duties, so providing an affordable laundry service that saves them time and energy is a respected and profitable endeavour. 

The laundry business is a flexible, and it's a business venture that's easy to start. Here are some reasons why you should think about starting a laundromat business.

  • Laundromats, unlike restaurants, convenience stores, and grocery stores, have relatively limited physical inventory. It also signifies you won't have to worry about pre-planning and keeping enormous volumes of costly goods.
  • You'll only require minimal staffing because today's laundromats are mostly automated. 
  • You can design the laundry business to your own needs since laundromats are rarely franchised. You have a lot of flexibility in terms of size, location, staffing, and amenities. 
  • You may start a laundry business in India with a modest investment.
  • Customers perform most of the labour when it comes to washing and drying their clothes. Therefore the laundry business is relatively easy. That means there isn't much in the way of training, onboarding, or labour.
  • Laundry services in India can expand and grow; the washing sector has a lot of room for expansion because of its flexibility, variety, and necessity.

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How to start a laundry business?

There are no special qualifications or experience required to start a laundry business. Nonetheless, it's necessary to have some fundamental knowledge of the laundry industry. Here are some tips you need to consider before starting a laundromat business.

  • Research: You can begin by conducting market research, look for laundry businesses in your area, and research how they operate. Make a list of both advantages and disadvantages, and keep an eye out for what might work in your favour and what might not. You should also study how to charge for your service by analysing your competitors and concentrating on customer needs. Learn about laundry machines for business and other necessary aspects required. You might also begin by working for a reputable laundry company. This will assist you in learning the skills of the trade. You'll also learn what clients expect from such businesses.
  • Make a laundry business planA business plan should be the foundation of any business idea. Your laundry business plan should begin with an overview of your business, company details, list of the company services you will offer, followed by the company mission and vision.
  • Budget planning: A specified capital amount is required to start a business, and the business's operating size determines this amount. You can include this in your laundry business project report for organised planning. To start a laundry business, you'll need to invest in a variety of resources, equipment, machinery, and permits and registrations that are essential to run the laundry. However, planning ahead of time is always crucial because numerous elements can negatively impact organisations due to bad budgeting.
  • Choose your target market: Every entrepreneur must choose a target market to pursue. For example, in the laundry industry, you can target students and corporate workers. Your target market may also include senior clients who are unable to do laundry on their own. While marketing your business, figuring out who your target markets are is critical.
  • Register your business: Registering your laundry business is an essential part of laundry business plan. Your company must be registered as a legal entity. Examine your choices and make an informed decision. Numerous options are available, including limited liability companies (LLCs), corporations, partnerships, and sole proprietorships. Inquire about the licence requirements as well as the insurance coverage. Consult the local government about your venture. Obtain legal documents such as certificate of incorporation, business licence, insurance, and health-related permissions. You should also acquire permits from the city and non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and employment contracts with the state government.
  • Market your business: Laundry shops, like any other business, require promotion, so once your operation is up and running, announce your presence. You can promote your company both online and offline. Offline via newspaper ads, magazines, and trade shows; online via TV, radio, and social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Ads, among others. Find out where your clients frequently socialise, such as coffee shops or malls, and position your adverts there to encourage them to use your service. There are countless ways to market your laundry service to different target demographics, from posting banners, mailing, launching your website. You can also create a customer loyalty reward program and provide new consumers with free trial services. Advertising is important since it helps businesses attract clients.

How to prepare a laundry business plan?

The laundry business has limitless potential for profit. To help you get started with this business, we've put together a complete laundry business plan. A business plan should be the foundation of any business idea. 

This laundry business plan will help you grasp the market better. It should begin with a summary of your company, a list of the services you will offer, followed by the company mission. The following things should be prioritised in the business plan:

  • Business Overview:  The first and most important stage in writing any type of business plan is to have essential knowledge and an understanding of the field's objective. This section discusses how the company prioritises customer satisfaction, such as through providing outstanding service. on-time delivery and the use of high-quality items. The objectives, mission statement, growth potential, and keys to success are all included in the business overview. The business overview section should include all of the essential information about your company.
  • List company details: This is where you'll talk about specifics like where the service/business will be located, the surrounding area, the strategic value of the location, and so on. In your laundry business plan, you must specify your initial costs, including the money needed to lease the building, the cost of materials, machinery, and the budget for paying employees, among other things. Depending on the location, the cost of launching a laundry business in India will vary. You can include tables and graphs to make your business plan look more professional, and it will also help the reader grasp more in less time or make way for potential investors.
  • List Products and Services: Your laundry business plan must include details about the products that you will offer. In this section, you will describe everything your company sells. Make sure to highlight the essential characteristics of each product as well as their price points. If you own a laundry service, pay special attention to the various levels of your services.
  • Marketing Action Plan: The key to acquiring more consumers and keeping the business afloat is a critical aspect of your laundry business plan through marketing. By identifying and targeting the key audience, a successful marketing plan can be established. Marketing can be done in a variety of ways, both online and offline. By understanding and implementing the particular marketing tactics as per industry trends, you should determine your strategy for establishing a successful laundry startup
  • Include a Financial plan: Planning and organising a budget or finance plan is integral towards achieving business success. For your laundry business plan, including a balance sheet, financial statements, and income statement are essential. A financial plan will assist you in keeping track of your profit or loss, as well as all of your other finances. 

Why is the laundry business in high demand?

  • Convenience: 

One of the most appealing aspects of a laundromat business is its convenience. Laundry services are divided into two categories: self-service and non-self-service. Self-service laundromats supply machines, detergent, and other supplies, but you must wash your own clothes. The non self-service laundry shops will pick up your clothes, wash them, dry them, and return them to your home. From the beginning to the end of the process, they take care of your garments. Due to its efforts, non-self-service laundry is more expensive than self-service laundry, where an individual is responsible for all the processes.

  • Expert care: 

Another reason for the growing demand for laundry services is professional service and expert care. Whether it's a delicate fabric or a pricey leather jacket, you need to wash it carefully or be an expert in caring for it, but with laundry services, you can rest easy knowing that your clothes are in capable hands. Professional clothing maintenance will extend the life of your garments.

  • Time-saving: 

Working professionals, students, and homemakers all have hectic schedules and rarely have time to do their laundry. As a result, hiring a laundry service is the greatest alternative because it may help you save time that you can put to better use elsewhere.

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People are increasingly turning to laundry services; you can even discover online laundry service in India. Knowing your customers and their needs can help you in creating a clear laundry business plan. Conduct thorough research and learn more about the industry before you develop a laundry business plan. If you are planning to open a laundry business, you can download the Khatabook app. It provides significant aid in managing your payments and generating financial reports so that you can do your business with ease. 

We hope that this post has provided you with an edge to develop your laundry business plan.


1. How to start a laundry business in India?

A Laundry business requires no qualifications or experience. Having a relevant understanding of the business is vital. A well-thought-out business strategy and budgeting are fundamental for starting such a business. For detailed steps, refer to the above article. 

2. What are the dry cleaning business start-up costs in India?

In India, you may establish a laundry business with a high return. All you need is roughly Rs 10 lakhs for the initial investment.

3. What is a laundry business project report?

A Laundry Business Project Report includes a detailed project analysis based on extensive research. It comprises all of the information about your project that will assist you in obtaining a loan.

4. What are the different kinds of laundry machines for business?

Some of the numerous types of laundry machines for business purposes include commercial washing machines, light commercial washing machines, stacked washer dryers, industrial washing machines, barrier washing machines, and coin-operated washing machines.

5. Is it possible to get a loan for starting a laundromat business?

Laundry business may be more expensive than it appears. Laundry start-up businesses can apply for a loan to help them start up or develop their business. 

6. How to prepare a laundry business plan?

The core of a laundry business is a business plan. It includes the business overview, objectives, mission statement, growth potential, and keys to success. It also contains company information, such as material costs, machinery costs, and the budget for paying staff. The laundry business plan also includes information such as the type of machinery utilised, working hours, a list of products and services, financial costs, sales forecasting, and target market. 

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