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How Digitized Menu Benefits Your Restaurant Business

In a country like India with so many delicacies, everyone thinks of themselves as a connoisseur and is passionate about gourmet food. People love having delicacies and as the income is increasing in middle-class families, they are willing to spend more on it. As a result, the restaurant and food industry in India has now become a huge hit in the market and is growing at an exponential rate. There is a rise in many local restaurants and the advent of a large number of international chains in the organised market such as Mc Donald’s, Dominos, Pizza Hut which have made a cemented place in the Indian Market. 

The lifestyle of people is changing rapidly and they are moving towards having a nuclear family. Urbanization is one of the main reasons that has supported the boom of the restaurant market in India. People love having different cuisine and there is a shift from just enjoying Indian food to food which is available around the globe. With this demand, the supply is also increasing and the competition in the food business is at an all-time high. Then how to stand out? One answer is digitizing the restaurant’s menu. It although comes pretty straight forward but has also become a necessity for the fast-paced cafés and restaurants. 

A digital menu is a menu in electronic format which is fed in a tablet, phone, or similar gadgets. It replaces your traditional printed menu books. The order can be placed directly from the gadget and it reaches in electronic format to the kitchen. It is connected to other gadgets in the restaurant such as the billing desk, managers, which promotes transparency and efficiency. 

Let’s have a look at why you must digitize your restaurant’s menu:

  • Accuracy

There have been fights in restaurants where people complain about getting the wrong dish served at their table. No one wants to admit their fault as if it was the customer who placed the wrong order or the waiter who noted it wrong. The digital restaurant menu keeps this problem at bay as it is the customer who themselves are ordering their food and everything is clear from the server’s end. This decreases the cost of having to send out a replacement order or worse, lose a customer.

  • Great Visuals

The digital menu can include as many pictures and that too in high resolution. It will give the customers a better understanding of what food they are ordering and they will be open to ordering new food. It also saves the printing cost and restrictions that are involved in a printed menu. Here you can be as creative as you want.

  • No need the middle man

With a digital menu that is placed at every table, customers can order their food and take their time with it. The possibility of a mistake that is made by the waiter is slashed here and also the cost to pay them. Now you only have to invest in a digital menu and server. The waiter’s payment expenditure is cut.

  • Easy to Update

The menu grows with the business and thus the requirement to change them is frequent. They also change according to culture and seasons. Digital menus are based on software that can be can be updated whenever you like, however you like. You can add different offers, combos, change prices, and whatnot. For larger restaurant chains, the benefit of restaurant menu digitization is even greater due to the volume of menus in circulation.

  • No boundaries

With the digital menu, you can be as creative as you want. You can add pictures, change offers every day. The menu can be long as it just has slides and doesn’t feel heavy on hand. You can have a variety of items and categorize them as a suitable form which is convenient for the diners.

  • Multiple Languages

You can feed your menu in the software in different languages which is almost impossible in printed menus but can easily be done in a digital menu. It will increase potential customers and bring diversity to your incoming customers.

  • Great Management

When you have a digital menu, which is connected to the main server which is also receiving the information regarding the order that is being placed or served, it brings efficiency to the overall functioning of your restaurant. It helps you manage your place easily and there is transparency at each level which customer also appreciates.

  • Cut Printing Cost

Be it printing the menu or printing the receipts. All these steps are cut by a digital menu. You can segment your dine ins and take away orders separately and don’t have to print a receipt for everything. It saves all the printing costs and saves ink and paper and saves the environment 😊

  • Database 

When you have a digital restaurant menu, a database is collected by which you can analyze what are the dishes your customers are enjoying most at your restaurant and change your advertisement, marketing, and pricing accordingly. It is a great and easy system to be aware of what is up with your business.

Technology is changing rapidly and so are our expectations with it. The time is running as fast as it can and people feel they are lagging. Nowadays, no one wants to wait. With a digital restaurant menu, you have an opportunity to change with time and save it. The digital menu brings great efficiency in your working system and cuts small costs which are very important in a restaurant business as it has high investment and revenue is not as big. You can find cafes and restaurants at every corner in the urban cities and the trend is reaching the suburbs. To fight the competition, you have to be creative and advanced.

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