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Salary and Allowances in Hotel Management in India

Our nation's tourism and hospitality industries are expanding steadily, and it directly impacts the hotel industry. India is a popular tourist destination. Therefore, it has become easier and more profitable for students to pursue hotel management courses. Students love the idea of hotel management as a career after graduation. The hotel industry is growing rapidly, which means there is a constant demand for hotel managers. What salary is possible in this industry? What are the benefits and allowances? Let's get to the bottom of it today! If you're wondering what the scope of hotel management is, you'll be amazed after checking the variety of courses available in this field. There are unlimited opportunities! Here are some of the courses available, after which you can conveniently join a job:

  • Forest lodges
  • Hospitality services in various MNCs
  • Guest-houses
  • Airline catering
  • Hotel and tourism associations
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Cruise ship hotel management
  • Hospitality services in the Indian Navy

And the list hardly ends!

Did You Know?

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Hotel Management Salary in India

In the past, engineering and medical were the most famous career choices. These aren't the only career options that guarantee high income and reputation. There are several avenues for students to pursue in conventional and unconventional sectors, regardless of their academic scores. One of the most lucrative and promising options is Hotel Management.

The growth and opportunities for employment in the Hotel Industry have been a hot topic of much media attention, including among students and academicians. Vocational training in hotel management is available to students of all grades and academic scores.

This article will discuss further details about this industry.

Why Choose a Hotel Management Course?

The highly career-oriented field of hotel management offers many electives. The hotel management program teaches students about food service, accommodation, catering and other related areas. Globalisation is increasing the demand for the hotel industry, creating many job opportunities and career progression prospects. Experience can help one climb the corporate ladder and create a rewarding career. Also, it'll be best for you to learn how to write a business plan.

Salary Distribution and Range

Read on to know about the salary distribution idea and the salary range that one can expect after completion of Hotel Management Course.

Median Salary

The median salary for Hotel Managers is ₹61,600 per month. This means that 50% of those working in the sector earn less than ₹61,600, while 50% make more than ₹61,600. The median is the average salary value. You would prefer to stay close to the edge of the graph if you are in a group that earns over the median.

Salary Range

The hotel management's starting salary for managers ranges from ₹26,200 per month (minimum wage) to ₹90,600 (maximum pay).


Two values nearly associated with the median involve the 25th & 75th percentiles. The salary dispensation info we researched showed us that 25% of hotel managers earn less than ₹39,500, while 75% earn more than ₹39,500. Also, we found that 75% of hotel managers earn less than ₹82,200, and 25% earn more than ₹82,200.

Eligibility Criteria for Hotel Management Business

You should meet some criteria if you want to make a career as a hotelier.

  • Diploma course: This course is more in-depth than certificate courses. Candidates must have at least 12th grade passing with a minimum of 40% marks and English as a compulsory subject.
  • Short-term courses: Also known as certificate courses, these are short-term courses. These certificate courses last anywhere from six months to one year. After completing class 10, students can take certificate courses in hotel management. It will surely help them boost the hotel management salary per month in India.
  • Degree course: This is a bachelor's degree program for candidates who have passed 12th grade with at least 50% marks. You may be asked to take an entrance test by many institutes.

When choosing a certificate/ diploma or degree in hotel management, keep the above facts in mind.

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Salary Comparison for Hotel Managers Based on Years of Experience

In determining your salary, you must have the proper experience. The higher your salary, the more experience you have. This is how we calculated the manager salaries by the level of experience.

A hotel manager with less experience, around 2 years, makes around ₹29,800 per month.

A person with two to five years of experience is likely to make ₹39,700 every month—34% over someone who has less than two years.

A person with five to ten years of experience will earn a monthly salary of ₹58,700, which is 48% higher than someone who has 2-5 years.

Furthermore, hotel managers with a minimum of ten to fifteen years of experience get a salary equal to ₹71,600 every month, 22% higher in comparison to a person having 5-10 years of experience.

The expected monthly wage for someone with fifteen to twenty years of experience is ₹78,100, which is 9% less than someone with ten or fifteen years.

Employees with over 20 years of experience receive a monthly salary of ₹84 500, which is 8% higher than those with 15 to 20 years.

Skill Sets for Hotel Management Course

Hotel management is a highly sought-after career. Aspirants should be able to communicate and reason well, have a good understanding of numbers and have a pleasant personality to get good hotel management starting salary.

Skill sets acquired during the hotel management program

  • Theory and practice of food production
  • Accounting and business laws
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Front desk operations
  • Communication and soft skills
  • Trade management
  • Nutrition and food science
  • Housekeeping
  • Human resource management
  • Management and managerial skills
  • Public relations
  • Business ethics
  • Event management
  • Travel management

Salary Comparison of Hotel Managers Based on Education

Higher education is associated with a higher salary. However, does a degree really increase your income? If yes, how much? To make it easier to compare, we have broken down the salaries of hotel managers by the level of education.

The average monthly salary for a hotel manager with a high school education would be ₹36,500.

A diploma certificate holder earns ₹43,000 every month. Also, 18% over someone with a high school diploma.

The average monthly salary for a bachelor's degree holder is ₹62,300, which is 45% higher than the average monthly salary for someone who holds a diploma certificate.

A master's degree is 31% higher than a bachelor's. Professionals with a master's degree earn an average monthly salary of ₹81,600.

What Types of Hotel Management Jobs Are Available in India?

After knowing the hotel management jobs salary, let's know which types of jobs are available in this industry. It concentrates on meeting the needs of customers. As a career, hotel management has many options.

The following are the key departments in the hotel industry:

  1. Manager, front office: Assist with the coordination of reservations and room assignments.
  2. Hotel managers: Managers are responsible for the overall operation of their establishments. They control all aspects of finance, services and catering.
  3. Executive chefs: Assist the chef in the kitchen. Chef prepares the meal.
  4. Managers of restaurant and food service: Responsible for maintaining inventories and stock levels of daily consumption and usage. Organises equipment maintenance and repairs. Keep records of hours worked, shifts, wages, taxes and other pertinent information.
  5. Food and beverage manager: Responsible for the management of catering departments. Plans, organise and manages establishments, from small casual diners to large restaurants.
  6. Housekeeping department: They are responsible for maintaining a clean, orderly and well-maintained property. They oversee training, scheduling and the work of the housekeeping staff.


Like all jobs, the average salary will vary depending on where you live and how many people are available to fill the positions. However, you must consider a career in hospitality management based on how many years of experience you have. While this field has many career options, it is possible to start at the "ground level," but actual work experience will significantly determine your salary projections.
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Q: What Is the average hourly wage for a hotel manager in India?


The average Indian hotel manager earns approximately ₹330 per hour.

Q: What is hotel management's starting salary in India?


The great thing in this field is that even if you're a fresher, you can reap a ₹20,000 to ₹25,000 salaries per month in good hotels.

Q: What is the highest salary in the hotel business?


Hotel management salaries per month in India can be very high. If you're a casino director, chief engineer, executive chef, or director of sales, then you can earn very well. It can be tough to state a number here, but there are many hotels in India where people employed in these positions are earning over ₹5 lakhs.

Q: What is the salary in hospitality management?


Hotel management salary per month in India is around ₹20,000 per month.

Q: What is a hotel management salary in India?


A general manager normally makes ₹20 lakhs per year. Many jobs are available in this field, and the salary depends upon the post. On average, a person employed in the field of hotel management earns nearly ₹40,000 per month.

Q: Is hotel management a good career?


Undoubtedly, hotel management is an excellent career, and that's why the number of people taking an interest in this field is increasing day by day. We can expect the popularity to rise even further.

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