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How to Get an Ekart Franchise?

Learn the complete guide to the Ekart logistics franchise application procedure. Discover the concepts of investment and profit and how can you apply them online. Ekart is the world's biggest logistics and a highly dependable supply chain company that delivers 1 crore parcels every month and has over 3800 pin code codes.

The corporate headquarters is in Bangalore. It's operated under Flipkart Private Limited, an affiliate of Flipkart, which currently works on the largest scale in India. They offer a same-day delivery service. If you're interested in delivering to India, earning money from franchise opportunities could be a great opportunity. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of learning how to start an online courier business by getting an Ekart logistics franchise.

Did you know?

Ekart is an integral part of the growth of Flipkart. With Ekart, Flipkart can have better control over deliveries to customers and has reduced shipping costs, despite the increasing range of goods available from Flipkart. Furthermore, expanding Ekart through franchising was an efficient and cost-effective method.

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How to Apply for Flipkart Logistics Franchise Online?

Ekart logistic is a logistics and delivery division of Flipkart, founded in 2009 to address online delivery problems. With the help of Ekart, Flipkart brings Cash-on-Delivery (COD) features along with same-day product delivery to India. The Ekart logistics website's information shows that Ekart delivers one million parcels per month and has three hundred PINs. Keep reading to learn how to get an Ekart franchise and its benefits.

Here are a Few Benefits of Owning an Ekart Franchise

  • The Ekart brand is recognised and well-respected, and you'll gain from its good name.
  • You'll be part of an established brand that is well-known and trusted.
  • Ekart has many delivery partners, which means you'll have access to many delivery choices.
  • You'll have access to the most up-to-date training systems and technology.
  • Ekart has expertise in logistics, and you can rest assured that you're receiving the best guidance and support.
  • You'll be able to increase your profits by working with an expert team.
  • You'll have an established support system to help you expand your business.

If you're planning to get into the world of logistics for e-commerce and want to get started, then Ekart is an excellent choice. They're among the biggest and most well-known logistic companies in India. They also have a franchise program which can assist you in getting to where you want to be.

In this article, we'll review the requirements to be a franchisee, how to get an Ekart logistics franchise, the advantages of having the franchise and suggestions on managing your business effectively.

What are the Requirements to Get an Ekart Courier Franchise?

There are always certain conditions one must satisfy to become an owner of a franchise. This is the case for Ekart logistics. The first requirement the company must fulfil is having enough space, and the shop should have enough space to house all necessary equipment and merchandise.

You must provide facilities for workers to roam around during their work. According to Ekart logistics, the amount of space needed for an individual to get the status of an Ekart logistics vendor comes to about 400-600 sq. ft. The agreement of the franchise company typically lasts three to four years.

Another condition that one has to meet is to be an Ekart logistics provider for the equipment. These include barcode scanners, address labels, printers, computers, scanners, etc. These are a few of the fundamental needs one should meet to guarantee the shop's efficient running.

What's Ekart Franchise Cost?

Without a thorough knowledge of the business's expenses, it is impossible to launch your franchise. Many people ask what the price of the Ekart franchise cost for the opening is.

If you live near one of the Ekart hubs currently operating, you can talk to them. However, if you're trying, running a courier business costs between ₹50 thousand - ₹1 lakh. The price isn't precise since you'll need to pay for many other costs in running an Ekart logistic franchise. They include:

Cost of Land

If you own your office space, you may cut down on the cost of buying land. If not, you'll need to pay rent every year or monthly to the landowner.


The next cost hits when you recruit employees for your company. They must be paid each month or every day, ranging from ₹8,000 to ₹12,000 per category (Monthly).

Cost of Vehicle

This is an all-in-one cost for running a logistics business. But, there are expenses for maintaining the vehicle.


You keep the packages in your office. However, if you can have more inventory of products, you have to expand your godown size. This means the additional cash you earn from the expansion of the godown.

Also, you can learn how to apply for a loan if your interest in starting a new business is getting down due to the thought of investment.

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How can I Avail an Ekart Logistics Franchise?

One of the major advantages when investing in Ekart delivery franchisees is that the company is a known name among couriers. Flipkart is the parent company and among the largest e-commerce giants in India. Therefore, this Flipkart connection can help Ekart logistics to attract more business, and it will also assist the franchisee in generating additional revenue.

Another advantage that franchisees gain through deciding to invest in Ekart logistics is that the investment cost is quite minimal. The technology the organisation uses, such as its computerised system for maintenance, is top-quality and doesn't allow for any errors. The company offers assistance to franchisees to help during the process of setting up the Ekart courier franchise.

The company also demands franchisees complete the training course. This ensures that the franchisee can understand the nuances of business and be well-equipped to manage the Ekart retail store efficiently. There are a few steps to follow to find the best Ekart logistics vendor. Also, you can apply for the Ekart logistics franchise online by simply doing the registration. 

Below is a listing of what one must be aware of when purchasing the Ekart franchise:

Follow These Steps Carefully

Step 1

The initial and most crucial thing anyone trying to find the Ekart courier vendor could note is that Ekart logistics has no Ekart franchise application forms. Anyone wishing to be an Ekart logistics partner can fill out and submit it.

Step 2

Ekart courier is quite tough about sales, and the company doesn't want to divulge any details to the general public on how it chooses its business partners. The selected people require Ekart to be partners dedicated to their business and have the ability to meet deadlines.

Step 3

This doesn't mean that everyone has the chance to acquire one of the couriers from Ekart. One thing they could do is purchase the guide for approval, and it's available online in the format of a PDF.

Step 4

Reading this guide will teach the person what they need to locate an Ekart logistics provider and the steps they must take to be the Ekart logistic partner. There aren't many things one needs to complete to be eligible to become an Ekart courier franchise.

What is Ekart Delivery's Percentage of Profit for Businesses?

The profit percentage depends on the product's category, size and price. So, it's difficult to determine the exact amount of shipping charges. The company is profitable, as per the franchise's owner. It will be astonishing to earn the smallest fraction of Ekart's earnings. They send millions of packages every month through the delivery companies they have.


The business of courier delivery services is growing rapidly. Many people purchase products on the internet and request delivery to their doorstep. Therefore, it's the perfect moment to consider investing in a company such as Ekart courier. You can expect many advantages when joining the Ekart logistics franchise and owning its delivery franchise.

One can become an Ekart logistics partner when they can pay the amount necessary as a security deposit. The terms and conditions of the business are also easy to understand, and a franchisee can wrap their head around the company's business policy.

So if you have money to invest and want to invest in a delivery and logistics company, Ekart logistics is a great choice. Suppose you are going to start a small business selling some stuff with the help of the Ekart logistic franchise. In that case, we suggest you integrate a platform like Khatabook to help you manage the transactions online easily.
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Q: Does Flipkart own Ekart?


Yes, it's operated and controlled by Flipkart, the parent company, and Flipkart oversees all the logistics operations.

Q: How do I obtain a delivery franchise?


The delivery business can mean that you are looking to begin an enterprise in logistics or courier. When you think about the delivery industry, many leading delivery firms across India and worldwide. To join the Flipkart logistics franchise, you have to request their franchise. You can generally request a franchise on the official website. Bluedart, DTDC, FedEx and DHL. They are some of India's most popular courier firms.

Q: How do I apply for the Flipkart logistics franchise online?


Ekart is a logistics chain which is part of Flipkart. When you place an order through Flipkart, Ekart will deliver your purchase. We explained that the Flipkart logistics franchise is Ekart, the Ekart courier business. If you are looking to join the Flipkart logistics business, you need to make an application for the Ekart franchise.

Q: Are the Ekart logistic franchises profitable?


Whatever you choose to do, whether to go with Ekart's delivery franchises or any other logistics franchise, your company's success depends on franchise management. If you're talking about Ekart, it is unquestionable that the business has a great profit margin. If you're able to deliver more parcels to your customers at the right time, your revenue will rise. This is a highly profitable business and requires only a few investments.

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