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Which are the Best Courier Franchises in India 2022?

Are you looking for franchise opportunities in delivery services within India? We've put together an inventory of the top 10 most lucrative franchise opportunities for couriers which are currently available.

Starting a courier business could be an extremely profitable venture in business services. There is no inventory requirement for the company. So, a modest investment is needed to begin. There is also the possibility of using a system organised as an affiliate partner.

In today's world, it is necessary not only for home use but also for businesses. Because of the rapid growth of online commerce in India and an unbelievable rise in online shopping, the need to have reliable courier service has increased exponentially.

In general, couriers move packages, data and packages from a single location to another. In facilitating connections across long distances, companies like couriers play an important part. This article will provide you with a list of India's top 10 most popular courier franchises.

Did You Know?

Blue Dart had the highest net sales in contrast to all other logistics companies operating in India as of February 2022. Its net sales equal ₹3200 crores. 

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Top 10 Best Courier Franchises in India

Courier franchises are gaining popularity in India and here are the top 10 courier franchises in India:

Blue Dart Express

Among the best courier company franchises in India, Blue Dart is a huge and highly popular courier business in India with a presence in more than 36,000 different pin codes within a nation and more than 220 nations worldwide.

They have a track record of providing top-quality goods at affordable prices and on time. The price is solely based on the item's weight. Also, you can determine the logistics costs by using their cost calculator.


They're highly reliable and efficient in terms of delivery. Blue Dart's services are based on time, and they keep the latest approvals from regulatory agencies to prevent any mistakes or errors. The network they have in India is vast, and they have six flights in order to transport cargo to different regions in India.

DHL Shipping Service

This is a German-based international logistics franchise that provides courier packages, delivery of packages, and quick mail delivery. DHL is a division of Deutsche Post, which is a logistics company that’s based in Germany. Deutsche Post is a group that sends 160 crore packages every year.


DHL started working in 1969 with its headquarters in San Francisco, California. At the end of the 1970s, the company had expanded internationally. 

Under the name DHL Air Freight, it was introduced into the Hawaiian Islands in 1979 and offered cargo services that operated between islands that used four DC-6 and two DC-3 aeroplanes. 

Larry Hillblom and Adrian Dalsey directly operated the day-to-day managing until the organisation went into bankruptcy in 1983. DHL Air Cargo used little over 100 employees at the height of its operations, including managers and pilots.

Delhivery Courier Service

Delhivery Courier Service is our third choice, with headquarters in Delhi, India. It's one of India's top courier services, offering several services of logistics for B2B and B2C clients since its inception in 2011. It offers international and local courier services and has completed over 70 crore deliveries until now.


This courier service has completed 85 centres and more than 3000 delivery points. The company is often acknowledged for providing efficient reverse logistics, and the cash on delivery feature is also available. However, the primary objective is to provide a wide range of fast delivery options, including same-day, next-day, and delivery on-demand.

DTDC Courier Service

DTDC started its venture in 1990 in an Indian State, Bangalore. They operate over 11,000 courier company franchises worldwide and offer efficient services to more than 240 nations. DTDC is among India's most efficient delivery companies, with more than 12,000 PINs. 


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End-to-end tracking, availability of data on the internet to help customers find it, and automatic reporting improve DTDC operations and allow the company to effectively manage the enormous quantity of shipments.


Here comes another famous firm in India which provides service for parcel deliveries. XpressBees serves many companies that sell eCommerce to ship their merchandise at the lowest cost possible. 


Xpressbees is popular for providing quick and economical last mile services across 8,500 pin codes in the US. The courier service offers same & next day delivery and reverse collection for returns on purchases.


Gati Limited is among the best  Indian express distribution organisations and provides seamless services, end-to-end storage and logistics solutions with modern technology.

It started its venture in 1989. It is among the largest logistics franchises and expresses delivery companies with an extensive Asian and national presence. Allcargo Logistics is the promoter and the only largest stakeholder in this courier service, is the majority shareholder, holding over 50% of Gati's shares. 


Gati offers bespoke supply chain operating services to clients from all sectors within the Allcargo family. They have a great backup from a huge multimodal, IT-powered network of air and surface express delivery and storage ability across India.


FedEx's delivery process is simpler and quicker, particularly for items sold on eCommerce. The company stands up to their name by assisting eCommerce stuff sellers in delivering their products at the least possible expenses.


It's among the best courier eCommerce services for businesses because it can transport an array of heavyweight goods such as valuable items, fragile goods, and hazardous products. 

Alongside cash on delivery services, FedEx provides rapid shipping services. You can use them to increase the customer experience and speed up the delivery of goods. FedEx Express was the first shipping company to offer overnight delivery in the form of a trademark.

Safexpress Shipping Service

Safexpress started in 1997 to offer superior logistics franchises. They ensure the happiness of its customers. In the logistics and supply chain sector, the organisation has become India's Market Leader' and "Knowledge Leader.'

Safexpress offers several modern supply chain solutions that include Express Distribution, Consulting, Fashion & Lifestyle, 3PL, E-commerce, Engineering & Electrical Hardware, Publishing, Automotive, Healthcare Hi-Tech, FMCG & Consumer Electronics, etc. Also, the institution comprises the 9 sectors of business in which the organisation offers quality logistics services.


Safexpress offers the most logistics cutting-edge services to its clients and allows them to focus on the things they excel at. From providing top-quality warehouse support to ensuring the timely delivery of the products anywhere in India, the organisation delivers optimal value for companies at all levels.

Ecom Express

Ecom Express Limited is an important provider of complete technology-based logistics solutions to the online commerce industry in India. It was started in the year 2012. Satyanarayana Late. Sanjeev Saxena, T. A. Krishnan, and Manju Dhawan. They have a collective knowledge of over 100 years of experience in the Indian distribution and logistics sector.


The organisation has established its name in the industry due to its unique business plan built on the delivery capabilities of its service, personalisation, longevity, and scalability. This courier company uses dope technology and automatic solutions to facilitate the first-mile gatheration process, optimisation of networks, processing, and delivery last mile.

Also, don’t forget that communication skills can be an essential part of the business.

Professional Couriers

This is a famous courier service business in India that has more than a decade's experience in the management of the supply chain. It started the journey in 1987. It's a reliable cargo and courier company franchise.

Professional Couriers has earned itself the reputation of the perfect delivery fellow for both international and domestic clients. Their dependable employees, international office network, and extensive infrastructure support are the reasons.


They are among India's fastest growing courier service offers because of their steadfast focus on customer satisfaction and secure delivery times. In order to ensure efficient distribution, more than 1,000 outlets exist across the nation. The company is popular for offering big companies safe and reliable courier services.

It provides services to international agencies, public sector companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and financial institutions. It employs around 20,000 individuals.


It takes a lot of training and experience to be a successful courier franchise. It's not easy to set up an effective courier franchise. The number of obstacles you'll encounter, the number of risks you'll need to consider, and the choices you'll need to take are extremely demanding. 

But, it's too exciting and enjoyable to enter the courier franchise industry. This article has everything you require to start with business ideas for courier franchises if you've ever thought about the possibility. Also, a courier business requires so much translation, and a platform like Khatabook can highly help you by making all transactions handy.

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Q: How to apply for a courier franchise?


There are two ways of applying for a courier franchise. The first is to start your own courier organisation. The other option is you can apply for a franchise from the best courier service suppliers with a good name and fame in this market.

Q: Does the Delhivery courier agency franchise make good money?


As per Delhivery's estimates, the anticipated return on investment is approximately 15%. In addition, If you buy one instance of even more than one, you'll receive a royalty payment of 10%.

Q: What does the courier franchise cost?


A Courier franchise of Category A will cost ₹1.5 lacs in addition to the manpower charges.

Q: How do franchise owners receive payments?


The courier business franchise needs to pay an initial fee for starting up and an annual fee in exchange. Franchise owners are paid as per the franchise's rules and regulations.

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