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Business Ideas For Women


Women’s entrepreneurship has only been recognised since the last decade as an important untapped source of economic growth of our country. Women entrepreneurs create new jobs for themselves and others and by also provide society with different solutions to management, organisation and business problems. However, after a lot of struggle they still represent a minority of all entrepreneurs. There has been immense growth in participation of women in leadership position but there is a long way to go to.

Here are a few Business Ideas that will be Ideal for women entrepreneurs who are looking forward to setting their feet in the business realm.

Interior Design Business

When we think of making our homes, we try to put the best we can afford to make it look beautiful and there are many options available too. Once it is built, we often face difficulty in decorating it. Here is when the role of the interior designer comes handy. Interior designers are artists who help the client to create the aesthetic of a space. They are trained specifically to enhance the beauty of even a small space by adding a few elements which a normal person fails to create. People don’t build their houses every day and once it is done, they like to make sure it is gorgeous and inventive as it is comfortable. To achieve that, it is the interior design business that makes a profit. They design the space and arrange the labor and raw material and you get the final product of your choice. The interior design business is very creative and profitable. Once you set your feet in this business, there is no going back.

Travel Agent Business

Traveling to any place away from the comfort of home can be equally distressing if we do not get what we had expected. Sometimes your train ticket is not confirmed on time or you are unable to find a hotel good enough for you or you spend a whole day without food because of your eating preference and none of what you like was available. All this feels like a nightmare which turns true for many who don’t plan accordingly. To make this easier, we were blessed by Travel Agents. People who arrange for us the necessary facilities to travel within our budget. Travel Industry is massive and one of the biggest industries in the world. It contributed to an annual of 2.3 trillion USD globally. The industry is on the rise and people are eager to travel again since the effect of COVID is subsiding. We have our Travel Agencies as the messiah to guide us through our journey and make our trip memorable.

Consultancy Business

A consultant’s job is to work with their recruiter to fulfill the goals of the company and perform their roles in the most efficient manner. They are experts in their field be it technical, business, finance, software, creative, etc. The list is long as the requirement of consultants is in every field. Every big, small, or start-up business owner wants their business to be under the guidance of an expert who shall help them excel. As the internet is becoming easily accessible to everyone and moving from one place to another more affordable, a consultant can increase their profit by managing their services to different locations and earning more profit. The consulting business’s popularity is increasing day by day and it is an ideal job for any young careerist! 

Real State Business

When there are a number of projects be it residential building or housing colony or a corporate building, there is a requirement for people to market and sell them to public. It is a big business where real estate agents who takes a set percentage of commission from both seller and the buyer for bringing them together, a broker is one who appoints the agent to and handles their training and technical parts of transaction, a realtor is part of real estate association and is liable to take up any role related to real estate business. There is also an option to become a real estate developer, where the developer employs engineers, architects, technicians and labour and build up projects from scratch to make it available to public. It is a rather huge investment and the building block of real estate business.


the professional salons that not only help us in grooming but also in maintaining our beauty and to look perfect. We have more money to spend in our pockets and  as a result, the salon business is making profit at an all-time high. The demand which was earlier limited to a certain gender is breaking boundaries and becoming gender neutral which is such a boost to the industry and is helping to break the rudimentary stereotypes. All men and women want their luscious locks to look best all the time and salons are providing with all forms of services to make that happen. But there are times when these salons don’t get enough customers because of the competition in the market. To save them from the tension and the reaserch work, here are a few tips for getting more customers to your salon.

Artist Business

It will be fair to say that behind every successful star there is a team of managers that keep their brand value high be it my getting more projects for them or arranging sponsors. Artists’ business as exciting as it sounds is a tough job! Behind the life of glamour, there is exhaustion, lack of sleep, and a plethora of drama that is inevitable. You have to deal with journalists, producers, directors, editors, and all the big and small names associated with the artist you are managing. But it all comes with the benefit. The money that is involved in this career is immense and with the rise of social media, it is becoming more and more popular. People have access to the right education and technology to connect with the client and generate leads.

Café Business

A culture from the west, the rise in popularity of café was seen in India with the availability and telecasting of American sitcoms in India, where a group of friends would have a hangout place to chill with their and these mostly were bars or cafés. The interior and the aesthetic and food photography has made this a big hit in the food industry. There are many big chains such the Café Coffee Day, Indian Coffee House, and many other Indian brands that have made their businesses internationally and gained popularity worldwide. If you are interested in opening a café this is the right time to do.

Event decoration Business

The beauty of our event matters a lot because without a good background you can never think of getting a good picture.  This is when we need event decoration businesses to make our lives easy. They are the ones responsible to make or break the vibe of your function. The industry has seen huge growth since people have started earning more. With the rise of celebrity culture and their lifestyle, and their themed parties, people have started spending more on even small events and the profit goes into the pockets of the decorators. You can start with a small scale event decoration business and build its repo with time and turn it into a high-end one!

Wallpaper Business

The wallpaper today is available in different textures and colors and depending on your theme, you can always change them and have a combination. It is because this the variety and versatility their demand has increased manifolds. People put their creative skills in building those amazing texture and wonderful designs. That’s not all after doing all the hard work, still, almost 50% of the work is left, that is selling the product and here is when the business opens up and the opportunity to earn profit arrives. 

Dairy Business

In India, milk is procured either directly from the farm dairy where locals have cattle and they distribute it or you have pasteurized milk and other dairy products that comes in packets from various dairy plants such as Motherdairy, Amul, Sanchi, etc. Although the chain of dairy production is long, it is the distributors who make it available to us. You are most likely to go to a nearby dairy kiosk or there is a delivery system that provides you with milk at your doorsteps. To make sure their product reaches the customers, companies have their vast distribution channel. Setting up a dairy business which is a lucrative small scale business opportunity in India because it is one of the busiest ones we have.

Cooking Classes

Cooking is not just a skill but a necessity now. This role is not just limited to females and everyone be it male or female and are learning this new life skill. If you are an expert and then you can open cooking classes at your home. 

Clothing Business

Today, the fashion industry has taken the world by storm. With the rise of social media and celebrity culture, everyone is focused on styling and decorating themselves like a piece of art. Thereof, fashion has become an art now and the designers and the wearers are artists. The way a person style themselves has become synonymous with their personality. They have clothing for almost every occasion and mood. This has given rise to a new passion and that is designing clothes and has attracted a lot of youth to come forward and claim their styles to be the best. Small names turning into big and popular labels have given hope to people that they are worthy of that recognition too and with their passion and determination will succeed in making their names big. 

Home Tuitions

There are many homemakers who had to leave their jobs while setting up their households but their knack for teaching and educating students doesn’t go away. If you have a passion for teaching while managing your home, you can start home tuition, be it for a single child or a group.
You can also teach underprivileged children for free. 😊

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