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Unique Business Ideas With Low Investments

Have you searched for the right unique business ideas to try in 2022? You are lucky because we summarised the detailed list of unique business ideas worth trying. India is a huge marketplace for all kinds of businesses and startups. The beginning of the company has been delivered with many advantages. They own their time and make the opportunity to love and the possibility of enhancing their profitability. This post shares unique small business ideas that are worth trying. Fortunately, these businesses are easy to start, do not require a large investment in advance, and require little technical expertise.

Did you know?

Niche marketing is a marketing strategy that targets a part of the general population, but its segment is well defined. Niche marketing has some real benefits. Marketing activities can target people who want to see them develop unique startup ideas. 

Unique Startup Ideas In India

India's business is constantly looking to grow in various areas, including government incentives, international trade, and a highly evolving economy. Many business opportunities are available in different sectors due to the rapid growth of young people moving to technology and leadership that drive innovation and growth.

With technological advances and creativity, you can easily start a small business with minimum investment. Only special skills are required to perform a specific task. You can even run some businesses from your home, but some of them may require you to rent a small lot.

The business ideas we discuss have a certain possibility that you need to meet according to your needs and requests. Some of the unique ideas are given below: 

1. Food Truck Business

Food trucks are the evolving restaurant space. The benefits of mobility in the form of a food truck allow owners to access multiple locations with lower initial capital than required to open other types of restaurants. So it's no wonder small restaurant owners prefer to invest in food trucks rather than a single stationary restaurant. First, you need to create a food truck business plan that will serve as a roadmap for the future growth of food trucks. It's natural to have doubts when starting a restaurant business, big or small. So here, you need to learn how to create a  food truck business plan

Starting a food truck in India may seem daunting, but the next points will fully guide you through starting a food truck business in India.

  • Choosing the right food truck: The first thing to do is determine the right truck vehicle. Based on the menus offered by Italy, Continental, etc., you will need a utility vehicle that is at least 18 feet long, and the new one will cost about ₹7 to 8 lakhs.
  • Getting kitchen equipment: The total cost of kitchen equipment is about ₹3,00,000 rupees, including microwave ovens, juicers, blenders, freezers, refrigerators, grills, steamers, cookers, burners, exhaust systems, generators, or large batteries with inverters. Since new devices are primarily electronic devices, it is advisable to choose a new device. With a one-year warranty on your new device, you're free from the daily maintenance costs of your device. However, if you choose your equipment carefully and decide what you can buy, you can save a lot of money that you can spend on other important activities.
  • Choosing a location for a food truck: Choose a street surrounded by young professionals and students, with few similar grocery stores and regular traffic to attract many visitors. Truck parking should also be designed not to bother commuters, but it still needs to be visible to people.
  • Apply for licenses and permits: Due to the lack of clear legislation on food truck business plans in India, the required documentation is not specifically provided anywhere. However, for the restaurant business to continue legally in the region, it is essential to obtain the following licenses for Indian food trucks: Fire Protection Certificate,  FSSAI Mobile Vendor License, Shop and Establishment License, Kitchen Insurance, etc. 
  • Install POS software: It is usually beneficial to have a great factor of sale software program that could maintain your statistics secure and provide unique facts approximately your stock and sales. Many eating places consisting of QSRs and different meal groups use client statistics to get repeat orders and take client feedback.  
  • Market your business: A presence on social media is essential for customers and followers to keep their food trucks up-to-date daily, build regular customer flows, and establish brand connections. You can also leverage your existing followers to disseminate information about food trucks, offer discounts, and select new foods for your menu. Learn how to market your restaurant digitally. Also, be aware of local events and community gatherings and park your food truck nearby. Connections with event planners and food influencers, personal connections with customers, and free merchandise such as food truck brand T-shirts and mugs will greatly help expand and expand the restaurant business.

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2. Virtual Interior Designer

Virtual interior designing services are a unique online business idea; it is a full-fledged trend that continues and changes how we access home decor help. It's a magical combination of professional design advice, affordability, and an easy and fast process that captivates people worldwide. Steps to start a successful virtual interior designer business are mentioned:

  • Planning a Virtual Interior Design Business  
  •  Registering a  Virtual Interior Design Business for Taxes  
  •  Setting Accounting for a Virtual Interior Design Business 
  •  Required Permission Get License With Your Virtual Interior Design Business
  •  Brand Your Virtual Interior Design Business  
  •  Build Your Virtual Interior Design Business Website 
  •  Your Business Phone System to set up

The cost of starting a virtual interior design business depends on what you already have. If you have been an interior design expert, you may already have all your software and gear. In this case, the initial cost is minimised. Professional services such as Zoom and your favourite cloud storage can cost hundreds of dollars a year. But if not, the highest cost is time-time to learn how to deliver your service online. 

However, if you are new to interior design, the cost is quite high. You may need to upgrade your computer to process these programs. 

3. Life Coach

Most people want improvement, but many struggle to make improvements. The life coaching business helps people make the changes they want to see in life, whether related to their career, health, relationships, or other aspects of life. The Life Coach is there to talk to clients about their issues, help them set their own motivational goals, and navigate important personal and professional decisions. Most life coaches have different coach aspects of a client's life, but it is possible to specialise in coaching in areas where you are truly passionate. To start a life coaching business are choosing a niche, Meeting the ideal client, Creating your first offer, planning and outreach, Attracting your first paid clients, Increasing your online presence, etc. 

4. Selling Travel Guide

If you are a travel blogger or have a passion for travel, you can write your itinerary and sell it wherever you like. It's easy. Provide an easy-to-understand travel guide template, create your itinerary to your favourite destination, and we'll handle the rest. Upload your guide/travel itinerary to the platform for sale. You hold 70% of all sales and affiliate commissions.

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5. Social Media Influencer Business

You can set up a large-scale financial burden for new businesses by renting commercial real estate, storage, or office space. In contrast, many domestic business opportunities are easy to start. 

Some home based business ideas require up-front investment; they can easily be started if you can turn your rooms into offices or workshops.

The best unique Business Idea to start from home is social media Influencer. Here are a few details about the. 

It is an online-based business that can make a good profit.  A clear plan is essential to success as an entrepreneur. It helps you keep track of your business inside and outside and reveal some unknowns. The cost of starting a social media influencer business is minimal, and it may even be possible to start a business for free using library resources and a friend's camera. To get started as an influencer, you only need a computer, an internet connection, a camera or a smartphone.

Marketers are the backbone of social media influencers because they are the gateway to their followers and payments. When a celebrity posts about a company's services or products on Instagram, Facebook or other platforms, followers see and interact with what's being advertised.

Social media influencers typically charge marketers to post about their services and products. Marketers can buy a one-time post or set up a longer campaign that spans multiple posts. 

In some cases, influencers receive commissions for each predefined engagement that the post leads to. Such fees usually replace booking fees.


Starting a business and succeeding with it is both challenging and rewarding. If you're missing out on ideas, try one of the unique business ideas shared in this post. This post shares unique business ideas that can be started online or can be home-based business startups. Do you already have a business for you? Follow Khatabook for the latest updates, news blogs, and articles related to micro, small and medium businesses (MSMEs), business tips, income tax, GST, salary, and accounting.


Q: What are the mistakes to avoid while starting a unique business idea?


Give up early. All businesses take time to grow, and startup businesses are no exception. Give yourself and your website for at least a year. Do not copy the content to your site unless it is a well-known quote or just a few sentences to understand the point and you plan to link to the original content. Take a copyrighted image. Don't underestimate yourself.

Q: Name some rare business ideas with minimum investment?


Rare business ideas with the minimum investment are tutoring, designing, event planning, cooking classes, fitness centre, etc.

Q: How to start unique business ideas from home?


You can easily start a unique business from home by chalking out a business plan according to your passion, researching it, comparing it with competitors, and finally getting investments.

Q: How many hours of work does a unique online business idea require?


It's a simple rule, but it's not absolute. You should divide your time into research and action. Especially at the beginning, it is important to learn new concepts, but it is important not to get caught up in "understanding" before acting. Actions will help in bringing results!

Q: Why is website traffic important for unique startup ideas?


Website traffic is important for unique startup ideas as it drives sales. It attracts people, so the more they visit your website, the more likely some of them will buy something.

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