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Gold Rate Today in Pune - 22 Carat and 24 Karat Gold Price in Pune (26th June 2022)

Gold is the most preferred commodity that all Indian households prefer to buy as jewellery. It has also been used traditionally as an investment. Gold is deemed as necessary for auspicious occasions. It also provides security to take loans. Irrespective of the economic situations, the demand for gold never ceases to exist. Therefore, it is widely purchased throughout our country, and Pune being no exception to this general trend.

To become an informed and responsible buyer, it is important, that you are very regular in your updates with respect to the rate of Gold in the country. The price of gold like the price of any other commodity changes every day and is dependent on various factors like the rise and fall of gold in the international market, the exchange rate of the Indian rupee, the rise and fall in demand and inflation rates.

The gold rate in Pune was highest during the first week of March. It then considerably wavered in the second week and in contrast to the rest of the country, it was quite stable in the third week.

Today, the gold rate in Pune for 22 carat gold is  4863 and ₹ 5106 for 24 carat gold.

The following table might give you a clearer picture with regards to the same.

Gold Rate in Pune For Last 10 Days


10 Gram (22 K)

10 Gram (24 K)

26 June 2022

₹ 48630

₹ 51060

25 June 2022

₹ 48430

₹ 50850

24 June 2022

₹ 48630

₹ 51060

23 June 2022

₹ 48430

₹ 50850

22 June 2022

₹ 48630

₹ 51060

21 June 2022

₹ 48730

₹ 51170

20 June 2022

₹ 48630

₹ 51060

19 June 2022

₹ 48630

₹ 51060

18 June 2022

₹ 48730

₹ 51170

17 June 2022

₹ 48130

₹ 50540

16 June 2022

₹ 48130

₹ 50540

Historical Rate of Gold in Pune: 

Given below is a brief of the historical rate of gold in Pune.


Lowest Price 24 Carat Gold Rs. Per 10 Grams

Highest Price 24 Carat Gold Rs. Per 10 Grams

May 2022



April 2022



March 2022



What Are The Factors That Affect The Rate Of Gold In Pune?

There used to be a time when the public would expect gold prices to increase around festivals. But we know that that’s not always the case. Festivals however dont always affect Gold prices. Gold is traded at an international level and is affected by a lot of different factors from inflation and interest rates to the value of the US Dollar.

In an ideal world, there would be just one determining factor to the prices of gold. However, that is not the case and there are lots of things to take into account that affect  the gold prices on any particular day.

Some factors that determine the gold rate in Pune are :

Rate of Inflation

When the market is in inflation mode, it is safe and best to invest in a commodity like gold. During inflation, the demand for gold increases affecting its price as well. Hence, it is a stable investment in such times.

Gold reserves

The Reserve Bank of India has a reserve of gold in addition to its money reserves. Whenever there is an unusual increase or decrease in the supply of gold, the RBI interferes in the market to stabilise it.

Rate of interest

Whenever there is a rise in the rate of interest, people sell their gold in exchange for interest earning instruments like fixed deposits and whenever there is a fall in the rate of interest, the investments in gold rise too.

Rate of the US Dollar

Gold rate and the US Dollar have an inverse relationship. When the rate of the US Dollar strengthens, the rate of gold falls and when the US Dollar is weakened, the price of gold goes up.

Why Should You Invest In Gold?

  • First and foremost, gold acts as a security against uncertainties and will always protect you from inflation. There is a reason that even our ancestors valued gold as much as they did. This is because gold can always be relied upon to rescue you on a rainy day. You would have heard stories of how the gold jewellery in the house was pawned  in return for cash. 
  • Gold is hardly a dead investment unlike how some people consider it to be. People who invest in gold have never really put their money in gold as an investment to add to their portfolio. They purchase it as a need or a want rather than as an addition to their investments. That is, if you buy gold for a wedding or a festival, over time it can turn into an actual investment. And that is not very hard now, is it?
  • Another reason to invest in gold is that some financial instruments like Gold ETFs do prove very favourable without any real risks. If you really think about it, the benefits outweigh the costs.

How Can You Go About Gold Investments In Pune?

  • The gold rate in Pune depends on the level of its purity. As discussed above, gold comes in various levels as such. Now if your gold is 22 carat gold, it’s purity will be at 92% and will be comparatively cheaper than 24 carat with purity at the level of 99.99%. 24 carat gold is certainly a very expensive one. Since it is safe and stable, gold investment is very widely popular in the city of Pune. 
  • There are plenty of options to choose from and invest in. All you have to see is whether it’s economical and feasible for you given your bank balance and cash liquidity. 
  • You may choose to invest in bullions, ornaments, jewellery, gold account or Gold ETF ( Gold Exchange  Traded Funds). However, prior to investing in Gold ETF make sure that you are aware of the value of one gram of gold and how much it is in terms of one unit of ETF.
  • Gold coins come in the sizes ranging from one to ten grams. Bullions are of course larger and therefore bigger investments are put into it. You may also choose to store your gold investments in an allotted gold account in your local bank.
  • Individuals who own gold can always go to their bank when they are in need and take a gold loan against their gold jewellery for any sudden expenses. Some big banks, establishments and NBFCs who offer gold loans in Pune are:
    • HDFC Bank
    • Axis Bank
    • ICICI Bank
    • Muthoot Finance
    • Manappuram Finance
    • Yes Bank
    • SBI

What is the Checklist for Purchasing Gold in Pune?

Here is a checklist of things to be mindful of while purchasing gold.

Verify the gold price per gram

So that you don't end up paying more than the existing market rate while buying gold.

Have knowledge about different purity levels

So that you can take an informed decision about what kind you want to purchase.

Ensure that there is legitimate certification

Ensuring certification of gold is one of the most important factors while buying gold. Be sure only to buy gold that is hallmark or marked with a BIS mark.  

 Have sufficient knowledge about the terms of buy back

It is important to know about the buy back terms of the seller, that is, terms of exchange of gold later. Whether they will accept it at the same rate or whether they will reduce the price.

Don’t forget to collect your bill

Only the bill can help plead your case if you are unhappy with the quality of the gold or if it's purity is not the same as promised by the seller. Therefore, it is important to collect your bill after shopping for gold.


What Is Digital Gold?

Digital gold is a form of gold investment that can be bought online and stored by the seller on the buyer’s behalf. It takes care of the disadvantages of physical gold purchases such as legitimacy and certification. 

Trading of Digital Gold 

You can visit any of the platforms, like Khatabook which trade in digital gold. The following steps should be kept in mind while trading: 

  1. Enter an amount in rupees or grams.
  2. Pick your payment option.
  3. Gold to be stored in a secured locker.
  4. Sell whenever you need.
  5. Physical delivery of the gold should be taken.

Where to Buy Gold In Pune?

  • Pune is home to a qualified, professional population, one that never shies away from investing in gold and has the knowledge to do so. Pune is known as one of the best places in the country to invest in less riskier portfolios such as gold. 
  • It’s possible to purchase and sell gold while giving a small commission to the shop itself. 
  • There is also the gold futures market where you can bet on the gold price making use of contacts that will certainly expire on a contingent future date.
  • Even though it’s slightly on the riskier side, it’s a sensible way  to forge into the gold trade. In spite of the surging prices, the participation of the public in the bullion trade has not fallen even a little bit.

Obviously, it is recommended that you visit certified and reliable jewellers to purchase hallmark gold. Pune has no dearth of renowned showrooms of gold. Some the are:

  • P. N. Gadgil and Sons
  • Pranaav Marathe Jewellers
  • Dinesh Minawala Jewellers
  • Satyam Jewellers
  • Tanishq Jewellery
  • Pravin Jewellers
  • Shri Sai Jewellers
  • Shri Balaji Jewellers


Remember to search for the gold rate in Pune and be aware of it before purchasing gold so that you can ensure that you are not duped. Before making an investment in Gold you must also ensure that the ornaments are legitimately certified so that you are protected against all risks.


Q: What is the price of gold for 916 Hallmark gold in Pune?


The price for 916 Hallmark gold in Pune is ₹ 4863. This is the same as 22 carat hallmark gold.

Q: What are the different purity levels?


Some of the different purity levels of gold are 24 carats or 99.99% gold and 22 carat gold or 916 gold.

Q: How can I check the per gram gold prices?


Verify the prices from a verified, authentic and genuine source. It is important to do this to ensure that you don’t pay more than the actual price while purchasing gold.

Q: How is the gold rate determined for 916 hallmark gold in Pune?


The gold rate in Pune is determined by a variety of factors such as interest rates in developed countries, demand and government policies. A low demand for gold lowers the prices and a high demand raises the prices. The government tariffs on gold and the taxes charged on gold by the local authorities are also determining factors of gold rates.

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