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How to Apply for Netmeds Franchise?

A close look at the requirements and possibilities to begin a franchisee of a reputed brand should be in the cards for interested individuals. It serves as a one-stop-shop after getting a Netmeds store franchise for the medical needs of people. The online medical portal comprehends people's needs for medicine and its accessibility and is heading toward expanding its offline services. You can start a business quickly after acquiring a Netmeds franchise with an assurance of guaranteed returns.

As the concept of a shopping catalogue is redefined by online retail, an option of becoming choice-savvy is with the consumers. The Chennai-based company comes to the aid of consumers through its online pharmacy, and Reliance Industries are its parent organisation. The products are sourced from more than 200 Indian manufacturers, offering a wider selection for customers. In order to predict demand, Netmeds uses data analytics to improve the inventory management setup and ensure the availability of stocks during unforeseen situations such as epidemics. It delivers the required prescription-based medicines and over-the-counter products in one basket.

Did you know?

The top 25 pharmaceutical manufacturers, such as Sun, Ranbaxy, Cipla, Dr Reddy, etc., are all available on Netmeds.

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What is a Netmeds Franchise?

  • A pioneering leader in the field of the pharmaceutical industry is Netmeds.
  • In due course of time, Tamil Nadu Dadha Pharmaceuticals Limited had to change the company name to Netmeds.
  • A trusted place to acquire sanitation supplies and medication in India is through a Netmeds store franchise.
  • The brand got along with the market trends, keeping the ethics of the family business intact.
  • It is an acclaimed and notable company in medical products and drugs.
  • The brand had an intent to open 1000 of its franchise stores all over the country in 2018.
  • The brand's objective is to keep the medicines accessible, qualitative and affordable.

Benefits of Taking Netmeds Franchise

In such a pharmaceutical business, an individual will not be affected if a recession suddenly occurs.


The brand has become reliable, and it is an advantage for an individual or pharmacist to begin a franchise of a recognised business. The brand makes out national marketing campaigns that draw more business to franchise outlets.

Variety of Medical Products

A customer can select from several products from Ayush healthcare, eyewear, health and wellness, fitness-related, mom and baby care. Covid-19 essentials are provided besides groceries, health monitoring and diagnostic devices, and surgical and personal care amounting to over 25,000 plus medicines.

Marketing as well as Advertising

Anybody with plans to begin a business faces difficulties when it comes to advertising and marketing. Until and unless it is a recognised brand in a city, a business faces hardship and difficulty generating income. Given the popularity of Netmeds, its franchise seekers need not worry much about brand marketing.

Stock and Product Management

It is quite easy to manage stocks and supplies after acquiring a Netmeds pharmacy franchise from a recognised brand. All over the country, the company's fulfilment centres and warehouses are 8 and 13 respectively. The stock keeping units are 35,000, and a simple supply process to all franchises is done together with online orders from tier II cities, tier III towns and metropolitan cities.


An individual who turns out to be a beginner is provided training for the smooth functioning of the franchise. Such training includes operational and technical for an excellent service to customers. Principals and working essentials are prioritised, and the franchise knows how to keep them.

Loan Support

The company is willing to aid several business owners as it can. It strives to get bank loans to all franchise seekers who have decided to begin their business. They work along with the franchise seekers as well as the banks and get the approval of loan applications.


A minimum investment of ₹ 10 lakhs is the Netmeds franchise cost and a requirement that should be available to an individual. The brand assists the individual in getting a loan for acquiring the franchise. The revenue earned from the franchise depends on different factors, and the franchise location, labour costs, commercial lease rates and many more factors need to be considered.

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A franchisee of a particular brand can earn a profit, depending on cooperation. Similarly, if an individual gets a brand franchisee, the franchisee can earn a good profit as per the sales. A franchisee's commission after every sale is the profit they earn. In a month, a franchisee can earn around ₹ 2 lakhs after getting a Netmeds store franchise after it is set up in a good location when good sales are generated. A pharmacist or a franchisee needs to get good sales in a fine location.

Requirements for Taking Netmeds Franchise

Below are some of the most common requirements for taking netmeds franchise:

Enough Space

You need to find a space suitable enough for catering to the customers. The franchise needs 300 square feet of space as per the standards of Netmeds. It is important to stock up and display products, provide accommodation to customers and set up the outlet in a presentable way. The business can proceed with a target customer of an average of 100 per day to visit it.

Required Skills

Implementation of smooth business is a portion of the brand's objectives and the same for the franchisees. The requirement of the company is two skill sets of franchisees to proceed further in giving out franchises. The capability to invest is the first skill set. The franchisee needs to have the capability to invest ₹ 10 lakhs for the franchise to begin. Some people who lack the funds to invest can seek help from the brand that ties up with banks to get loans. The capability of doing business is the second skill set. The brand continues searching for interested individuals ready to take risks. The capability to do business and make it grow and profitable are significant for the brand.

Process of Training

Detailed procedures have become a part of the pharmaceutical business, which is implemented, and the brand provides training for the same. The training is imparted to interested individuals involved in technical to operational training. A manual is handed out to the Netmeds franchise to learn better working. Dealing with customers is taught to the staff and the arrangement of stock.

How to Get Netmeds Franchise?

To get a brand franchisee, a pharmacist needs to apply for the same. The application undergoes some scrutiny, after which the granting of the franchise to the pharmacist is taken into consideration. The following is the process to apply for a franchise of the brand – 

  • Initially, you can apply for a Netmeds franchise online on the official website.   
  • The 'Franchise' option that appears at the bottom of the site must be clicked. 
  • The Netmeds franchise application form will appear on the desktop screen, and details have to be filled up accordingly. 
  • The submission of the application form needs to be done after the filling of it is completed. 
  • You can also email sales@netmeds.com or call a Netmeds franchise contact number – 7200712345.


The brand replies to the health concerns of customers and is a risk-free business.
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Q: What are the value-added services a Netmeds franchise has to offer?


The company provides automated refill reminders, loyalty programs, expense analytics and a digital copy of prescriptions.

Q: How is a Netmeds franchise as compared to its competitors?


The brand is 100 years old, and it is one of the largest retail distribution chains in the south.

Q: What is the break-even period for a Netmeds store franchise?


The pharmacy brand had given an indicative break-even period of 12-18 months.

Q: What is the Netmeds franchise profit margin in the pharmacy business?


The brand decided to reduce costs, and margins are competitive as per industry standards.

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