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What are the Different WhatsApp Marketing Tools?

WhatsApp is the most successful social media program for reaching out to your target audience, connecting with them, and promoting your brand, products, and services. It also allows you to interact with your audience in real-time. On the other hand, WhatsApp does not support any form of advertisement. So it is vital to use alternative mediums, such as WhatsApp marketing software or WhatsApp business API, to broadcast a message to a broader audience at once while adhering to existing rules.

Did you Know?

India is one of the largest markets in the world as it has approximately two hundred million people using WhatsApp.

List of Whatsapp Marketing Tools

Given below is the list of the best WhatsApp marketing tools, along with popular features and connections to their websites:


Whatso is a WhatsApp marketing program that automatically allows you to send large WhatsApp messages to thousands of consumers. It allows you to send bulk messages containing photographs, documents, PDF files, and other attachments. You can send mass messages to an unlimited number of customers using the WhatsApp marketing tools. In addition, the app supports many languages, offers multiple contact storage options, and employs anti-blocking technologies to improve user involvement. Your receivers will receive personalised messages with their names.

The features are given as follows-

  • Multiple languages are supported.
  • Automatic personalisation
  • Simple fraud detection
  • It allows you to import all contact information from Excel, CSV, and TXT files.
  • Multiple contact storage options
  • Customisable sender ID
  • Platforms supported: Windows

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Because it does not have a character limit, the tool is ideal for your campaign that requires infinite mass texts. As a result, you can send communications in numerous languages and formats, including text, videos, audio, and photos. The tool is suitable for your campaign that requires an indefinite number of mass texts because it does not have a character restriction. Furthermore, the WhatsApp marketing software offers an effective anti-blocking technology to help any bulk message campaign run smoothly.

The features are given as follows-

  • Support for multiple languages
  • Greater transparency and control
  • There is no credit limit for sending messages.
  • SMS bulk services
  • Built-in filter
  • Messages are delivered to all of your contacts 100% of the time.
  • Customisable import and export of sender ID contacts
  • Controlling the delay feature
  • You have the option of creating and uploading a customer database.
  • Speed control is a feature.
  • Module for spinning text
  • Anti-blocking capability 
  • Number filtering and group verification
  • Posting an auto group

WAAM-it Sender

The free bulk WhatsApp marketing tool allows marketers to use a spreadsheet to generate and distribute tailored messages to their contacts. Multimedia objects such as videos, images, emoticons, links, and files are supported by the software.

WAAM-it Sender allows you to send up to 3000 free messages per hour to languages supported by WhatsApp around the world.

The following are the features of WAAM-it Sender:

  • Conference, meeting, and event invitations in bulk
  • Completely automated
  • Formats for multimedia
  • Sender ID can be customised
  • Dashboard of analyses and insights
  • Contact management


The tool provides marketers with cutting-edge marketing technologies to help them with their WhatsApp marketing plan. RapBooster is a bulk WhatsApp conversation automation program that allows you to execute campaigns and increase your results. It is free to download and use.

You can send customised messages and use multiple sender IDs to reach a larger audience. You may also share an unlimited number of images, videos, and other materials with your intended audience.

Viking WhatsApp Tool

Viking Whatsapp Tools is a free bulk WhatsApp program and tool that assists businesses in sending bulk documents in popular formats such as.docx,.xls,.png, and so on. Other communications formats, such as vCards, are also supported.

Furthermore, bulk WhatsApp software allows organisations to build a client database to supplement their marketing vertical, as well as aid in the deployment of promotional messages on WhatsApp. It offers effective bulk WhatsApp sender features for easily sorting contacts, sending files, and extracting task reports. 


  • New problem-solving tool 
  • Inbox customisation
  • DUP key 
  • Participation of users


The WhatsApp marketing software enables you to edit the phone menu on the go, have complete control over your routing logic, and build unique greetings. It provides call centre administration as well as call logging and recording. The application is also user-friendly, allowing you to log in and out of your professional operations.


Businesses and their marketers may now design and distribute personalised broadcast lists and messages using this service. They can effectively manage their sales pipeline, engage with business contacts, conduct polls, and create an e-commerce store. They can also use autoresponder templates, contact management, campaign scheduling, and the shop function. You may use its one-click technology to give speedy responses and increase consumer engagement.

Enjay World

Enjay Marketing is a free mass WhatsApp software plus application that provides a variety of services to businesses in order to make their advertising more profitable and efficient. Its free bulk WhatsApp message sender assists organisations in increasing their ROI and communication.

The bulk WhatsApp sender software walks you through a simple four-step procedure for using WhatsApp for marketing, using a simple Google Sheet template as your free bulk WhatsApp sender tool.


  1. User activity monitoring
  2. Google sheet template
  3. Intelligent IVR
  4. Personalised marketing
  5. Alerts
  6. Web Click
  7. Portable conversion tools
  8. Analytical report
  9. Whatsapp API integration

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Advantages of Using Bulk Whatsapp Sender

Today, social media is the key means of communication for staying ahead of your competitors. Here are some of the benefits of using these bulk WhatsApp sender apps.

  • CRM management: It aids in the management of customer interactions in order to make your brand more customer-friendly and increase sales.
  • Send catalogues and brochures: The bulk WhatsApp sender program allows you to send messages to your new and loyal customers about your activities, promotional events, brochures, and leaflets.
  • Building a team: Use the platform to build a strong team that is engaging, dynamic, and always thinking of new ideas.
  • Analytics: This function lets you know whether your communication was sent, received, viewed, or read by customers.
  • Customer engagement: These tools enable you to communicate with many individuals about your brand, products, and services. It's also the best platform for responding to your customers' questions fast and easily.
  • Location tracking: Share your business's location to make it easier for customers/clients to get to their destination. The easier it is for customers to contact you, the greater your company potential.
  • Positioning a brand: You increase your consumer base, which implies your brand's market position improves because your product is now more visible.


Brands and marketers should no longer struggle to run marketing campaigns because bulk WhatsApp sender solutions may assist them in boosting their marketing efforts. These applications have one-of-a-kind features, and WhatSo allows you to send bulk personalised messages in multiple languages. Vepaar allows you to easily develop, monitor and schedule a WhatsApp marketing campaign as well as set up an e-commerce store. RapBooster is a cutting-edge marketing software that allows you to send tailored marketing messages as well as attach various files. Bulk texting is now simple, thanks to WappBlaster, which allows you to share your ideas without restriction because the tool has no character limit. Finally, you can use WAAM-it Sender to send up to 3000 free customised messages to your contact list.

Businesses that have used these technologies have improved their performance and relationships with both existing and new consumers. We hope the article has given you the relevant information regarding the bulk WhatsApp sender and different WhatsApp marketing tools available these days, which helps the business in marketing through WhatsApp.

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Q: Is it possible to use WhatsApp for official communications and business marketing?


Yes, WhatsApp is used at the professional level at each level, from the launch of the product to the marketing of the existing product to the promotion of the new product.

Q: What are some of the benefits of using WhatsApp sender tools for marketing?


Some of the benefits of using WhatsApp sender tools for marketing include positioning a brand, building a team, CRM management, customer engagement and location tracking, etc.

Q: Which tool helps design and distribute personalised broadcast lists and messages?


Using Vepaar, businesses and their marketers may now design and distribute personalised broadcast lists and messages. They can effectively manage their sales pipeline, engage with business contacts, conduct polls, and create an e-commerce store.

Q: Which tool is ideal for infinite mass texts?


Because it does not have a character limit, the tool is ideal for your campaign that requires infinite mass texts. As a result, you can send communications in numerous languages and formats, including text, videos, audio, and photos.

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