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Best Side Business Ideas for Women in India

The passion that resides in a woman, her skills and the resources she already has can be helpful when choosing a business idea. Plenty of businesses can be considered, such as animal care and educational services, as a side hustle for women. Opting for succulent vertical gardening can be delightful in the exteriors, and by becoming a Yoga Instructor, she can assist yoga enthusiasts in attaining mindfulness. A list of some of the side business ideas for women is noteworthy for choosing the right business. 

Did you know? 

India has 43.2 crores of working-age women and 1.35 –1.57 crore women-owned businesses that provide employment to 2.2–2.7 crore people.

Small Business Ideas for Housewives 

Tiffin Services, Cloud Kitchens and Other Food Business

A food entrepreneur fond of cooking and providing catering can decide on tiffin services or food business. As demand for good food is never-ending, a homemaker can deliver homemade food, and it is one of the most prominent small business ideas to do from home for ladies

The entrepreneur needs to work on market research, workspace, registration and license, investment, recurring cost, insurance, safety and hygiene, meal plan, marketing and advertising.   

Pet Grooming/Training 

A flexible business such as pet grooming or training is easy for a housewife who can do pet sitting and dog training. A pet can be groomed as its owners prefer to get their pets groomed instead of doing it themselves.


Grooming or training a pet forms one of the small business ideas for housewives that can be operated as a mobile service. Specialised training and a planning process are significant to determine if they can succeed.     

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Yoga Instructor 

A yoga business is a low investment and high-profit home-based business. It is rewarding as one of the side business ideas for ladies at home as everyone is health-conscious.

Yoga is an ancient practice of India and appreciated in the 20th century, a homemaker can be a yoga instructor after learning from certified trainers to help people achieve mindfulness. The start-up may be slow initially, but the business grows later.     

Clothes Business 

A homemaker fond of either traditional or fashionable clothes can think along the lines of beginning a clothes business. A major section of people is interested in looking smart and trendy, so it is one of the small business ideas for housewives that fits in.


The clothing industry is not affected even if a financial crisis appears in the market. Selected designs of clothes can be mass-manufactured after approaching manufacturers and suppliers.     

Vertical Gardening 

Green walls or vertical gardens are an efficient solution that emerged as a relief in the urban landscape. The eco-friendly method reduces pollution, making it one of the homemakers' foremost small business ideas.

This innovative solution for urban gardening allows urban dwellers to grow their own organic food. Vertical gardens are easy to maintain and take less space to grow veggies and herbs. 

Virtual Personal Assistant 

A homemaker can start an online business, and she needs to inculcate good organisational skills and good memory. Such a business idea requires a proper work-from-home setup. Office space and a virtual assistant website would be necessary to create and showcase the virtual assistant portfolio.


Many companies outsource these jobs, so there are a lot of scopes for you to promote and earn through this business.


A budding homemaker can also start a gender-neutral business such as a flower business. A florist's business is one of the side business ideas for ladies that does not require heavy investment. 


Flowers are always in demand, be it a wedding, house warming ceremony, home decoration, birthdays, corporate meetings etc. Necessary help can be taken from mentors or business houses who provide franchise, consultation and design patterns.      


The variety and flavours of chocolates will be part and parcel of a woman entrepreneur's life if she plans to begin a chocolatier business. A separate space in the home should be there for such a home-based business and one of the side business ideas for ladies


Chocolate packaging supplied must be purchased and is an attractive way to sell products. As India is home to many religions and communities, there are many festivals where gift-giving is a ritual, and chocolate happens to be everyone's favourite gift!   


A homemaker with a hobby of making candles can transform into a business with strategic plans. Proper research is a must to know how competitors get clients. It is one of the side business ideas for women that includes creativity and is associated with unique designs. 

Reaching customer demand is a priority, and the niche has to be found, such as eco-friendly candles, scented candles, luxury candles etc.    

Embroidery Services 

India's most supported industrial sector is the Indian embroidery market, which housewives can gain. 

Every region in India has many artisans and craftsmen who practice handloom and handicrafts; they can be involved in this business, thus generating employment while celebrating Indian culture. However, it requires investment and the recruitment of skilled people.  

Side Business Ideas for Working Ladies 

Consulting Business 

A working woman can create a customer base by foraying into consulting business. It is worth a side business for working ladies if she is well-versed in a particular industry or subject. 

You can work independently, provide solutions on a contractual basis, be an advisor, and speak at conferences and events. She can function in several fields ranging from ex-pat coaching, education overseas and investment.     

Day Care Centre 

A daycare centre is a good option for paying attention to children or pets. It is where people will leave their kids or pets without any worry during a particular time of the day. Such a business is well paying and care-oriented. If a couple has pets and it becomes difficult to leave them all alone, opting for a daycare centre is worth it.    

Data Entry Business 

A good hand at typing and a working woman who is also an entrepreneur can decide on a data entry business. Several websites offer data entry work, but its authenticity needs to be analysed before finalising one of the side business ideas for ladies.

It does not require any office setup, and the process can be initiated at home. In such a business, technological advancements and globalisation are utilised to expand.    

Beauty Parlour 

As per the entrepreneurial vision of a working woman, she should go for opening a beauty parlour. The woman entrepreneur needs to chalk out if it will be a small or home beauty parlour. It is one of the side business ideas for ladies, and working ladies need to search for good locations. Specialising in hair cuts and doing 'up-dos' should be on the itinerary of women entrepreneurs.            

Organic Cosmetics/Toiletries 

A cosmetic license and registration must be in the business plan of a working woman to begin an organic cosmetics/toiletries business. With the right set of documents, a working woman will face no difficulty getting the necessary license. 

While jotting downside business ideas, she must get the business certified by accreditation bodies. Planning to manage the organic cosmetics or toiletries is significant, along with the equipment required. 

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Online Tutorial 

With the aid of Skype, a working woman can think along the lines of beginning an online tutorial. 

It forms one of the side business ideas for ladies and a good option to earn extra income besides the regular job. Several websites have come up to teach students belonging to any age group. A decent amount of money can be earned by a woman entrepreneur from the comforts of her home.    

Freelance Content Writing 

Customers are informed about particular products via freelance content writing, and business owners increase traffic to their websites. Working women can get an opportunity to earn by writing sales copy, blogs, articles, and social media posts. 

The working women need to do thorough research on one of the side business ideas for ladies to write captivating copy. It is similar to an investment that can yield conversions and customer loyalty. 


Side business ideas can be done on a custom schedule with proper research of the business start-up costs. You might want to consider dropping shipping or affiliate marketing if you are passionate about one of these side business ideas. In order to promote the products without having to purchase them, you just need a website or blog. With just hosting, domain registration fees, and necessities, you can earn as much as the product's selling price plus the profit margin without spending a penny.  
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Q: Is insurance required for home-based businesses while implementing side business ideas for ladies?


A woman who is a freelancer or self-employed will need insurance for herself, her equipment, and her clients or customers.

Q: What facilities are available to begin research on side business ideas for ladies?


There are subsidies available to begin a home-based business for women.

Q: What are the loan schemes of banks available for female entrepreneurs?


Some loan schemes of banks are – Mudra Loan for Women, Stree Shakti Package, Cent-Kalyani Scheme and Udyogini Scheme.

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