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How Much Money Do YouTubers Make?

YouTube stars are today's modern, famous self-made people who have built an online following by making content for educating, entertaining, reviewing, and generally being fabulous. Many small-screen celebrities do what they do to satisfy a desire to create and perform in front of an audience. While making money may not be your primary motivation for launching a YouTube channel, the earning potential is a delightful surprise once you learn how many there are.

Did you know?

When your YouTube channel reaches 30,000 subscribers, you can use channel memberships to generate additional revenue. Fans pay ₹380 per month for a membership package that offers instant access to films, members-only live chat, special emojis, and more.

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What is the YouTube Income Per View?

Despite the fact that YouTube pays a fixed amount per view, YouTubers do not always make that much themselves. YouTubers are paid based on how many views they get and where their viewers come from.

As viewers come from different countries and regions, it is not possible to calculate the exact amount of pay per view. It is estimated that YouTube pays between ₹0.23 and ₹0.39 per view on average.

How to Earn Money on YouTube?

If you've been thinking about how to make money on YouTube, you should be familiar with the YouTube partner program and how it works. YouTube doesn't allow content providers to monetise their videos unless accepted into the YouTube partner program.

Revenue Through Advertisement

Whenever anyone views a YouTuber's channel and views display overlay or video advertisements, they receive advertising revenue.

Membership of Channel

Youtube channel earnings- For exclusive privileges, the subscribers have to pay a monthly recurring fee.

Super Stickers and Super Chats

Super Chat is a new technique to generate money on YouTube with a lot of traction. The function allows your audience to purchase standout chat messages and, in some cases, pin them to the top of a live stream's comments section. So, if you go YouTube live, you can monetise your stream with Super Chat.

Merch Shelf

On the Merch Shelf, your subscribers may explore and buy actual branded products featured on your watch pages. When a YouTube Premium user views your video, you'll get a percentage of their monthly money.

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How much we can earn from Youtube?

Money Earned by YouTubers in India

Some of the top YouTubers make more than ₹15.2 crores per year. This is a difficult question because YouTubers can earn money from sources other than the YouTube Partners Program. Ryan Kanji, for example, is claimed to have gained ₹152172 billion with his Ryan's World toys and clothing, which includes Marks & Spencer pyjamas.

He also inked a multimillion-dollar television series deal with Nickelodeon, which is still unknown. The fourth season of the television show had a barrage of criticism. Similarly, Indian YouTubers are now producing original web series under the banner of YouTube Originals. For YouTube Originals, Bhuvan Bham is developing 'Dhindora.' YouTube Originals are the platform's original series, films, and events.

Nox Influencer, Social Blade, Videooly, and other platforms can help you figure out how much money YouTubers make. These are merely estimates of how much money channels could make through the YouTube Partner Program.

Since the youtube income per view is based on the number of views your video receives, the chart below illustrates how much money it could earn. The survey also distinguishes between American and Indian creators' profits. As we discussed previously, as a creator, you must consider various factors, such as the video's niche, duration (bigger videos may have at least two advertisements), and audience source.

How to Make Money From YouTube Videos

If you've been wondering how to generate money from the YouTube videos upload, there are a few helpful hints to keep in mind while you create material.

1. Make Your Videos at Least 10 Minutes Long.

You'll have a better chance of making more money through ad income if you make videos for YouTube longer than 10 minutes. Longer YouTube videos will likely have a higher watch duration, which will increase the amount of ad income generated by those videos. Additionally, videos with a longer average watch duration will display higher in YouTube's search results, increasing visitors' likelihood of seeing your material.

2. Work With Other YouTubers On a Project

Collaboration with other YouTubers is one strategy for making money from YouTube videos. This is an excellent strategy for expanding your YouTube presence, adding original content to your channel, and exposing your work to a larger audience. Do some research on YouTubers who are active in your niche and contact them with a great video idea - they'll almost certainly show interest in working together.

3. Create Content That Is Both Engaging and Informative.

This is critical to your YouTube channel's success. YouTube users are constantly looking for videos that will entertain them or provide helpful information. If you can deliver such video content to your audience, they will be more inclined to view the entire video and return for more video content in the future. Pro tip: Look at your YouTube stats to determine which demographic is watching your videos the most. As a result, you'll better understand what kind of material to create. If you notice that your films are more popular with Gen Z, you may incorporate a couple of their favourite slang words into your videos.

4. Maximise the Effectiveness of Your Descriptions

Another good way to get money from YouTube videos is to include descriptions. They assist users in discovering your material and deciding whether or not to watch it. Follow the age-old journalistic writing strategy when producing descriptions for your videos: start with the most prominent points and work your way down to the less important ones. Also, attempt to describe what viewers will benefit from viewing the complete video and at least a few of their pain points (pain points motivate people to click!). Finally, speak in terms that your target audience will understand and to which they relate.

5. Consistently Posting Will Help You Grow Your Audience

It's a good idea to post content on your YouTube channel regularly. Your viewers will stay interested in your channel if you provide a consistent material stream. This implies they'll be far more aware of your web presence and any associated properties, such as your e-commerce firm.

6. Making Money Despite the Competition

Remember that you won't be competing primarily with other businesses for traffic and income when investigating how to make money using YouTube. There will be full-time YouTubers competing for your audience's attention.

It's critical to remember this when developing material for your channel. Create intriguing video thumbnails and titles to stand out from the crowd. Remember that YouTube is primarily a visual medium, so nailing these will help you to attract more people to watch your videos.

Your content's audio and video quality can potentially make or break your success. Your video content must be of good quality to portray your brand positively and professionally.

You may also use YouTube SEO to outperform the competition. Creating SEO content for your video descriptions is a terrific approach to boosting your YouTube channel's organic traffic. You can find a guide on YouTube SEO here.


Making money on YouTube is a dream for many people. After all, YouTubers enjoy a wonderful life and their fans' devotion. And, given how simple it is to start a YouTube channel, there's no harm in dreaming big and setting lofty goals.

However, while launching a YouTube channel is simple, turning it into a money machine is not. You might make your first hundred bucks by selling something or obtaining a sponsorship contract, but you must first understand all of your possibilities to maximise your earnings.

We hope this article has explained to you how to earn money through YouTube, income per view, and other things to keep in mind to make money on YouTube.

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Q: How much does a million YouTube views bring in?


According to Business Insider's research, a video maker with 1 million YouTube views will earn between  ₹20 lakhs to ₹30 lakhs.

Q: To make money on YouTube, how many subscribers do you need?


To apply for the YouTube Partner Program, which allows you to monetise your channel and make money from commercials, you must have 1,000 subscribers.

Q: To make ₹7,608 on YouTube, how many views do I need?


The amount of money you can make on YouTube depends on several things. On in-video and banner ads, video makers get compensated per click. So, you could get 10,000 views and make  ₹7,608, or you could get 10,000 views and make  ₹7,608. It depends on how relevant the adverts are to your target demographic.

Q: When do you think you'll be able to make money on YouTube?


As soon as the Partner Program accepts your request, you'll be able to monetise your YouTube account. Before that, you might try to secure sponsorships from companies that pay content providers to produce high-quality material. If you own e-commerce companies, you may start making money on YouTube the day you sign up. Let people know you'll be exhibiting your products and providing links.

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