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Master Tips to Start an Online Advertising Agency in India

Advertising agencies assist clients in marketing their products and services to a wider audience. Advertising agencies' strategies and skills have changed with the rise of the internet. Successful advertising agencies must use the most effective strategies to survive in a highly competitive marketplace.

It was easy to get a job in a reputable ad agency back in the 60s and 70s. You could also quickly rise the ranks if you had the talent. These days, competition is fierce. If you've got a strong business plan for an advertising agency, you can take care of the rest by reading this guide.

Next, we will discuss the best business plan for an advertising agency.

Did you know?

The Indian advertising industry was worth over ₹564 billion In 2020, and market experts expect it to hit ₹700 billion by 2022.

What is the Best Business Plan For an Advertising Agency?

First Steps

The initial step is to initiate a business plan. It is true, and it's not hard to believe that a business plan without a solid foundation is as useless as playing football without a goalpost.

At some point, your long- and short-term business plans must be created before you can start any company. 

It is important if you plan to obtain loans or investments, but it's also helpful for you to organise your thoughts and make decisions about how you want your business to grow.

Your business plan for your advertising agency must contain at least the following:

  • Your business strategy and description are vital. Investors will be interested in the details of your business and the type of service it provides.
  • Make sure you are clear about your advertising strategies and how they work. People are likely to be sceptical about investing in advertising agencies.
  • You may need to get a loan to help you start an advertising company at a high level.

Make a Company Website

A website is essential to market your company or agency in digital marketing, and you need quality content, not just a website. Many popular Indian bloggers have started blogs from scratch to make millions and set up a digital marketing agency.

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Be a Step Ahead

You don't need to know everything if your speciality is something you are interested in. Advertising, especially digital advertising, is changing at lightning speed, and you must identify your strengths and weaknesses and those of your competitors to stay ahead in an ever-changing market. 

Follow a few advertising gurus online and subscribe to advertising magazines. Listen to podcasts, read blogs, and participate in webinars and similar activities. You can also participate in conferences. Although they may be expensive, you will learn a lot from them and connect with others who do the same thing as you.

Social Media Profiles for Viral Content

Your Digital Marketing Agency or company can create social media profiles. Get massive likes by creating viral content for your social media. Many Facebook pages in India were created from scratch, and today, they have millions of likes and work as digital marketing agencies.

Offer Free Services

Free samples of products are a great way to get you to buy. Free consultations can be a great way to get in the door of small restaurants, service providers and big companies. 

Once they have tried the product and appreciated it, people are more likely to buy it. However, you might not be allowed to give away an ad for free. As an agency, you can show off your creativity. Show a company the problems you see with their website and let them know how you can fix them.

Try Freelancing

You can start to pick up projects on freelancer websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Guru, Truelancer, or many other websites that allow you to find freelance digital marketing projects for various large and startup clients.

Establish Long-Term Relationships With Clients for Immovable Projects

Freelancing is a great way to build long-term relationships with clients. You can also pick up immovable long-term projects by reinvesting freelancer income to start your digital marketing agency.

Get a Client, Get a Testimonial

One client can make you famous, but only if you do an amazing job. You must win your first client and provide exceptional service and deliver great results. Once you have impressed them, you should get their feedback in any way possible. 

You can promote your agency business with a note, interview, or video testimonial. Ask your client to share your business with their business associates. Referrals can be powerful sources for new business. Find some!

Register Your Digital Marketing Agency in India

In India, register your digital marketing agency as a Sole Proprietorship company in the beginning. Once your business grows, you can convert to a private limited company. There is no service tax until the turnover of ₹10 lakhs per year. You can take help from a CA to register your agency or company in India.

Cracked inBound Marketing Exams

Register your website on Hubspot to learn more about Inbound Marketing and pass the Inbound Exams.

Content is King

You can create a beautiful blog using blogger, WordPress, etc. Write quality content and submit it to other websites too. You can also use PDF, PPT, or Guest blogging submissions for quality backlinks and features on industry-related domains. 

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With Showcase Projects, Create Landing Pages

Run the Email Marketing AdWord campaign and create the landing pages to get the leads.

Tell Your Story

Don't forget about building your own business while you're helping clients grow their businesses through your advertising efforts. The best brands are those with the best stories. It is the right time to start to think about your future as an advertising agency. 

Specific Industries

The final step is targeting specific occupations and determining the best pricing and plans for that industry, such as educational institutions and startups in India.


Advertising is a competitive field. However, there is a high demand for services in advertising and customers will pay accordingly. You can find a consultant in India if you're interested in setting up an advertising company. 

You will find that you will be able to improve your business skills and inspire others to succeed if you've got your advertising agency business plan!

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Q: How do advertising agencies get clients?


Here are the best ways to attract more agency clients:

  • Get out from behind the desk and treat yourself like your own client.
  • Take advantage of online directories.
  • Blog about marketing.
  • Prioritise your portfolio.
  • Build a strong following with your email newsletters.
  • Get interactive to find out more about digital marketing potential customers

Q: How to open an advertising agency?


Here are the steps:

  • Build your digital marketing skills.
  • Decide what kind of services you'll offer.
  • Decide how you would operate your business.
  • Register your advertising business.
  • Establish a strong web presence.
  • Showcase your expertise and experience.
  • Define your business model.
  • Grab your initial clients.
  • Build your portfolio.
  • Streamline your processes.
  • Build your strong digital marketing team.

Q: Is starting an advertising agency profitable?


Many people dream of becoming entrepreneurs, and achieving the dream seems impossible without proper advertising, no matter online or offline. There, you've got a chance as an advertising agency. If you manage to catch the right client, they can become your continuous source of revenue for a very long time.

Q: What’s the best advertising agency example worth considering?


Firms sometimes employ external agencies to do advertising for them. These external agencies are called advertising agencies. Examples of highly successful international advertising agencies are Omnicom Group and WPP.

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