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CRIF Highmark Score: What Does It Mean, and How Does It Work?

When it comes to the significant refinancing procedure, credit ratings are critical. India's credit bureau CRIF Highmark is one of four organisations in the country that the government has approved.  

Formed in 2007 as Highmark, the company was acquired by CRIF, who renamed it, CRIF-Hadley Marks & Spencer, after gaining control of the company in 2014. The creditworthiness of an individual or organisation may be determined by examining both corporate and personal creditworthiness information supplied by the firm.

 A lender may decide whether or not to accept a person as a borrower based on their credit score, which indicates how creditworthy they seem to the lender—everyone, whether a person or a business, should review their credit information.

It would be beneficial for individuals and organisations to take the necessary measures to improve their credit ratings since doing so may open the door to lower-cost financing.

Did you know? 

The CRIF credit score concerning the CRIF CIBIL report ranges from 300 to 900. The lowest probable credit rating is 300, and the highest is 900.

What Does the CRIF Highmark Mean?

CRIF Highmark is one of six credit bureaus in India, and the Indian government owns it. For individuals, corporations, and other organisations of all kinds, CRIF Highmark provides credit information and creditworthiness.

Individuals' or businesses' credibility may be determined via a wide range of credit-related information, and they can subsequently be assigned a CRIF CIBIL credit record. 

The information used to calculate a person's credit score is regularly updated by CRIF members, including banks and insurance organisations.

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The CRIF Highmark Credit Score Explained in Detail

To characterise a person's credit score, CRIF Highmark uses a three-digit number between (300 and 900, similar to other credit reporting bureaus (with 900 being the highest score possible). 

According to the Consumer Information Resource Foundation, those with solid credit ratings are deemed low-risk and financially reliable. As a result of receiving this rating, a borrower poses little risk to the lender. On the other hand, a low credit score indicates that a person is a high-risk borrower and vice versa.

This score is based on a person's history of bill payment, borrowing money, and borrowing money again. For this definition, it is a measure of the likelihood that they will pay back a debt on schedule.

If you have a good credit score, which indicates that you have shown responsible credit behaviour, banking institutions and other financial organisations are more likely to approve your loan or credit card application. Creditors use the CRIF CIBIL score rating to assess a person's trustworthiness and credibility.

Factors Influencing CRIF's Highmark Credit Rating

The following factors influence CRIF's Highmark Credit Rating: 

An evaluation of one's creditworthiness based on one's historical credit behaviour.

A value was ranging between (300–900). The following is how the CRIF CIBIL score is expressed:

  • POOR  - If it's in the 300–500 range, it's considered inferior.
  • OK - If the figure falls between 500 and 700, it is OK.
  • BEST - It's most effective between 700 and 850.
  • PAR EXCELLENCE - You've got an excellent grade of 850 or above.

This is an indicator of your dependability and trustworthiness. A free CRIF CIBIL credit report is issued; after that, an annual price of ₹399 is charged.

CRIF Highmark CIBIL Criterion to Generate Credit Score

People's credit scores are calculated based on specific criteria by the CRIF Highmark CIBIL. Existing debts, payback history, the length of time a person has been taking loans, the credit mix employed by the individual, the debt-to-income ratio, the number of new loan applications made, and other criteria are taken into consideration. Almost anybody who has a credit history or a history of using credit cards should be intimately aware of the process. CRIF Highmark uses this criterion to calculate the credit score.

CRIF Rating - Suggestions and Techniques

When you understand the factors used to generate your credit score, the next step is to discover how you may boost your credit score with the help of the CRIF CIBIL.

  • To avoid defaulting on your loan payments, you must make sure that they are paid on time and on time.
  • Make sure your credit mix is in order.
  • Credit card payments should be paid in full each month to avoid late fees, rather than just the minimum amount due.
  • A credit utilisation rate of less than 40% of the credit line limit is considered ideal.
  • Check your credit report regularly before making any big decisions.
  • At the same time, avoid applying for a large number of loans.
  • Avoid using your credit cards to their maximum capacity.
  • Make sure to pay all of your bills on schedule.
  • They may be able to assist you in improving your CRIF CIBIL score over time.

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CRIF Highmark CIBIL Score: When Should You Check It?

It's essential to monitor your CRIF Highmark CIBIL score, but it's especially critical when applying for a secured credit card. You may be able to get a sense of where you stand in terms of the following criteria because of your credit rating. The following are your chances of getting a loan:

  • It's unlikely that you'll be approved for a loan with reasonable terms.
  • If you have a low credit score, you may not be able to get a loan at all, or you may get a smaller loan at a higher interest rate. 

A longer processing time should be expected if additional papers are required, even for approval.

Simple Steps to Get a Credit Report From CRIF Highmark

When negotiating a new loan, only banks and other lending institutions have access to other people's CRIF reports and CRIF CIBIL score ratings, which are only available to them. Personal computer systems (PCS) and business computer systems (BCS) statistics are available on the official Highmark website on the CRIF CIBIL report for individuals and companies. 

Following the processes outlined above, you will be able to access your credit report and credit score, which will need you to provide some information and answer a security question on your credit report.

CRIF Credit Score vs. CIBIL Score

An individual's credit report and credit score are two different sorts of credit reports.

  • In the CRIF credit score, you may learn about a person's credit history and capacity to make timely payments. It creates a report that includes the borrower's name, address, and date of birth. 
  • Using this information, the CIBIL score is calculated and provided by CIBIL only, as a three-digit number represented as a letter grade.

CRIF Highmark CIBIL Score Significance

Regarding the CRIF's worth, mortgage businesses or CRIF participants use a credit score and a credit report to help them make lending decisions and protect themselves from identity theft and other fraud. They also provide data analytics and scorecards to aid in discovering fraud and other criminal activity.

Credit score checking services allow people to check and enhance their credit scores and remedy discrepancies in credit reporting, all via the use of a credit score checking service.

Steps to Improve Your Credit Score

There are a few simple actions you may take to increase your credit score, which is as follows: 

  • Eventually, you'll be able to make regular payments on any outstanding debts.
  • Maintain a credit card with an available credit percentage of less than 30% on it.
  • The effect is that your credit score climbs when you have a well-balanced mix of different types of debt.
  • Keep the number of credit cards you are looking for to a minimum.
  • If possible, avoid cancelling current credit card accounts unless necessary. 
  • Make an effort to make them as straightforward as possible.
  • Checking your credit score before making a substantial financial error, such as applying for a loan, is highly recommended.
  • Make sure to get your loan regularly serviced to avoid late penalties.


It is a good idea to read reviews on Khatabook because it will help you make an informed decision. It is also a good idea to read testimonials over CRIF CIBIL reports from users who have used the service. However, you should be careful about choosing a company whose reputation you cannot vouch for.

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Q: Will you have a credit score if you've never used a credit card or taken out a loan?


If you have never used a credit card or borrowed money, the credit bureaus will not record your financial history. When you examine your credit report, it's referred to as NH (or No History).

Q: Is CRIF Highmark a service provider that companies offer products and services?


CRIF Highmark offers a wide range of services, including the following:

  • The creditworthiness of a firm
  • Data Mining and Predictive Modelling are used to detect and prevent fraud.
  • The process of obtaining a loan is known as the loan application procedure.

It is recommended that you check your credit report frequently. A person's credit score is calculated based on the information included in their credit report. Credit reporting organisations such as CRIF Highmark must provide just one free credit report per year, although a credit score may be evaluated many times a year.

Q: Who are the kind of personal services that CRIF Highmark provides?


Individual credit ratings, such as the following, are given by CRIF Highmark as additional services:

  • Credit reporting reports from the CRIF CIBIL report include information on a person's credit history, repayment practices, and other financial information.
  • Individual and group loans from microfinance organisations are recorded by various entities, including NBFCs, microfinance Institutions, and banks.

Q: What are the distinctions between CRIF Highmark and CRIF CIBIL?


Credit reporting companies such as CRIF Highmark and CRIF CIBIL are also available. They are two of India's four credit information firms that have been granted licences. Individuals and corporations may get credit scores and credit reports from both companies. However, although both companies provide a free credit report every year, a second CIBIL report costs ₹550 and a second CRIF Highmark credit report costs ₹399, there is only a minor difference between the two.

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