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Table of content

Best Low Investment Small Business Ideas in Kolkata

Kolkata has always been a cultural, colourful, and charming city. The state's strong commerce and financial hubs have made it one of India's most desirable places to do business. While Maharashtra & Delhi have risen as financial and trading centres, Kolkata remains widely recognised as the country's eastern gateway. It is renowned as Eastern India's business and financial capital.

Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, has an important port, an international airport, and several reputable universities and colleges that produce a highly-skilled workforce for the state's businesses. When it comes to launching a small business in West Bengal, Kolkata is also at the top of the list. Apart from traditional industries such as leather, garments, tea, and small-scale production, Kolkata has seen a surge in the IT sector, aided by foreign direct investment.

These have created significant changes for various small and medium-sized firms to coexist. We've produced a list of some of Kolkata's most lucrative and popular small business options.

Did you know?

Kolkata is the heart of India's thriving jute industry. The jute industry began in the 1870s, and mills are now be found on both sides of the Hugli River, south and north of the city centre.

List of Business Ideas in Kolkata

Apart from traditional industries such as leather, garments, tea, and small-scale manufacturing, Kolkata has seen a surge in the information technology sector, aided by foreign direct investment. These have created significant chances for various small and medium-sized firms to coexist. Are you interested in starting a small business in Kolkata, West Bengal, India? If so, learn more about the most profitable, creative, and new small business ideas and prospects in Kolkata from this article.

Saree Business

  • Kolkata is well-known for its excellent weaving. Customers come from all around the world to patronise these establishments. Kolkata's famous sarees are well-known in Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh. Fabrics with elaborately woven separate materials are offered in a variety of styles.
  • Kolkata produces a significant number of tan cotton sarees. Tant is a traditional Bengali dish. Baluchari sarees, Muslim sarees, Tussar silk sarees, Kantha embroidered sarees, Koral sarees, Murshidabad silk, silk sarees, Garad silk sarees, and Jamdani sarees are some of the other types of sarees. These sarees were trendy among Bengali women.
  • This is Kolkata's best business. Saree company ideas are becoming increasingly popular in Kolkata, owing to their profitability and the city's abundance of weaving clusters.

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The Fishing Industry

  • Kolkata's staple diet is fish. West Bengal is the fishery's largest consumer. The demand for seafood in the metropolis is constantly great. According to studies, Kolkata is the country's most significant fish producer, accounting for almost 20% of total fish production.
  • Given that the city is blessed with all of the natural circumstances essential for a booming riverine fish industry, such as the presence of the Sunderbans, water availability, and climatic conditions, this is the most significant business in Kolkata. The West Bengal government has taken several steps to improve fish farming.
  • These activities yield positive results, making it one of the most profitable businesses in Kolkata. It has become an even more profitable business idea in Kolkata because demand for fish is excellent in the city's commercial state and as a gateway to neighbouring North-Eastern states and countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, & Bangladesh.

Establish a Bengali Sweets Shop

  • Although Bengali sweets are well-known worldwide, most individuals have never had an authentic Bengali sweet or visited Kolkata.
  • These delicacies are consumed by locals and visitors from all over the country who come to savour these delectable delights. You can run a delightful restaurant. It is a very lucrative business enterprise.
  • You can benefit from this fact by using an internet business to send these delicacies directly to their homes.
  • You can have an asset-light approach that scales quickly by starting an online store.

Transportation Service for Cold Storage Refrigerators

  • Kolkata, while having all of the natural advantages and supporting its fish-producing industry, despite being one of the country's largest producers of fish, this dividend could turn into a tragedy if the city lacks an excellent cold storage transport service.
  • Fish is a seasonal business that needs to be kept in a freezer to keep it fresh. That city's fish sector will not be able to reach its full potential without a cold storage unit.
  • An adequate refrigerating fridge transportation infrastructure is necessary from the fish dock to the processing facilities or the market region.
  • You may also earn a lot of money in Kolkata by providing individuals with cold storage transportation services. Fruit and vegetable growers are likewise in great demand for cold storage freezers.

Production of Jute Items

  • Kolkata flourished in jute crop production potential. Jute is a renewable resource. Jute is used to make jute handbags, carrying sacks, rugs, ropes, and other items. Jute is becoming more popular as environmental concerns grow.
  • International organisations like UNESCO promote jute, and the Indian government has required its usage to transport cereals, crops, jaggery, vegetables, grain, enriched flour, wheat, bazra, and other items.
  • You might also consider creating bags that are in high demand, thanks to government support and environmentally-minded citizens. 

Business of Leather Products

  • You can work in the leather industry if you have expertise and experience. Wallets, belts, shoes, purses, caps, mobile and book covers, laptop backpacks, duffel bags, cardholders, and leather handicrafts are among the items available.
  • Do you realise that West Bengal has the country's second-largest tanning industry? You do not need significant capital investment to start a tannery; you may start with a modest one.
  • The government is also supporting the expansion of tanneries in Kolkata by providing incentives to existing and potential companies. Remission of registration costs, exemption from stamp duty, capital and financial incentives, and other incentives.
  • In Kolkata, various training facilities have been established for safer, more efficient, and higher-quality leather production. All of this is done to help the tanning industry grow.
  • It should be noted that the state registers leather and leather goods exports accounting for around half of the country's overall exports. These innovative business ideas in Kolkata have a lot of potentials.


  • Kolkata has a particular place in the hearts of historians worldwide. Because of its legendary historical heritage, Kolkata attracts many foreign tourists.
  • The city of Kolkata served as the capital of British India for 150 years. The establishment of spectacular architecture may be traced back 150 years.
  • People of the Hindu faith also come here to pay their respects to the gods, and the Durga Puja festival draws visitors from all around the country. You can provide transportation and tour services to familiarise them with the city's history, art, and culture. 

Centre for Traditional Music

  • Kolkata is known for its traditional music, and locals enjoy learning new instruments and music. As a result, establishing a music school in Kolkata is a lucrative economic venture, as locals are eager to participate in musical activities.
  • To train students, you should hire some traditional musicians.

Arrange for musicians to teach pupils to play native instruments like the sitar and flute.

Wedding Organisers

  • Wedding ceremonies are costly in Kolkata. Someone who is organised and pays attention to details may find a wedding consultancy business easy to start. They require professional wedding advisers has exploded in the last decade.
  • People nowadays are often too preoccupied with managing the demands of their career and personal lives to pay attention to the intricacies required to plan the event of their dreams. This has created an enormous potential for a startup entrepreneur interested in starting a wedding consulting firm. This is one of the unique business ideas in Kolkata.

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Makeup Artist

  • Even though it took time for stylists to gain acceptance in India, it is today a legitimate and successful profession.
  • Become a makeup artist if you enjoy makeup and have the necessary skills.
  • Begin by doing wedding makeup, photography makeup, event makeup, runway shots, and other similar jobs to establish your portfolio.

Provide Services in a Foreign Language

  • Because the number of tourists is expanding, professional opportunities are many, and competition is less, foreign language services are in higher demand than ever.
  • This is a sellers' market because there is more demand than supply. Thus it goes without saying that it is a very lucrative market for you.
  • If you are fluent in various languages, consider offering your services as a translator, instructor, or both, and reap the benefits.


In Kolkata, budding entrepreneurs can take advantage of various business prospects. We strongly advise you to examine your expertise, information, and interests to identify business opportunities. You'll need a solid business plan with details on what you're providing at a particular price point, who you're targeting as a customer, your business's potential and risk, strengths and weaknesses, and significant business targets. There is always a threat in business, and you should bear this in mind when you enter the realm of entrepreneurship to take advantage of the business prospects in Kolkata. These are some of the best business ideas in Kolkata. If you're serious about beginning your own business in Kolkata, start small and expand your options gradually; the possibilities are endless. Learning business methods will make things simple.
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Q: Is it challenging to do business in Kolkata?


The business climate in Kolkata has significantly improved in recent years. The central govt., state govt., and corporate organisations have all taken steps to improve Kolkata's business climate.

Q: How much does it cost on average to run a small business in Kolkata?


The cost of business upkeep is determined by the industry or type of the business. In Kolkata, the cost of running a business can be as little as 5000 rupees per month, covering rent and other fixed costs.

Q: Is a physical store required to start a business in Kolkata?


With the advent of the internet, there is no longer any need for a physical business. Before opening a physical store, you can rapidly establish an internet business. Also, it can turn out to be the best online business ideas in Kolkata.

Q: What is the finest business to start in Kolkata?


Since families spend a lot on weddings, any wedding-related business is fantastic to establish in Kolkata.

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