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Gold Rate Today in Tirupati - 22 Carat and 24 Karat Gold Price in Tirupati (25th May 2022)

In Tirupati, the current gold rate is ₹4837/gm. In Tirupati, the quoted gold rate is 22 Carat Gold. It is known that the 916 KDM gold rate is the same as the 22 Carat gold rate. 

Are there any additional kinds of gold in the market? 

Yes, gold is graded according to its quality and there are more than five variations available in the market. However, only two types of gold have the most appeal among the general public: 24 Carat Gold and 22 Carat Gold. Let's look at their pricing, demand and calculation methods.

Current Gold Rate in Tirupati For Last 10 Days:


10 Gram (22 K)

10 Gram (24 K)

25 May 2022

₹ 48370

₹ 50790

24 May 2022

₹ 48170

₹ 50580

23 May 2022

₹ 48170

₹ 50580

22 May 2022

₹ 48170

₹ 50580

21 May 2022

₹ 47860

₹ 50250

20 May 2022

₹ 47470

₹ 49840

19 May 2022

₹ 47280

₹ 49640

18 May 2022

₹ 47710

₹ 50100

17 May 2022

₹ 47370

₹ 49740

16 May 2022

₹ 47370

₹ 49740

15 May 2022

₹ 47370

₹ 49740

Historical Prices of Gold Rate In Tirupati 


Lowest Price 24 Carat Gold Rs. Per 10 Grams

Highest Price 24 Carat Gold Rs. Per 10 Grams

April 2022



March 2022



February 2022



How Are Gold Rates Decided?

 The gold rate in Tirupati today is determined by criteria like gold purity and market prices. When the purity of gold improves, the price of gold rises. Gold Rates are based on the purity of the metal. When gold rates rise, the purity of the metal rises with it. The purity of gold is 92% for 22 Carat Gold. Furthermore, the purity of 24 Carat Gold is 99%.

Gold is purchased in Tirupati for personal festivities and festivals such as Akshaya Tritiya if there are several discounts, reduced rates, interesting deals, and other incentives to attract clients. 

Let's look at the factors that influence gold prices in Tirupati for 14 Karat, 18 Karat, 22 Karat, 24 Karat, 916 KDM and Hallmark Gold. Interest rates, local taxes, demand, state taxes, transportation taxes, government laws and additional expenditures experienced by jewellery in Tirupati are all variables that influence the current gold rate today in Tirupati. 

Interest rates: Interest rates are a major issue. Investors sell gold and acquire fixed-yielding securities when interest rates in industrialised countries rise. This has an impact daily on gold rates in Tirupati.

Demand: As is common knowledge, anything with reduced demand will decrease in price, whereas anything with high demand will experience a price rise.

Government policies: When government policies are unfavourable to gold, the price of the precious metal rises. For example, when the government adds levies and tariffs, the prices of gold fall. The government has increased the Goods and Services Tax, causing gold prices in Tirupati to fluctuate.

How Do Gold Traders In Tirupati Forecast Future Gold Prices?

Gold traders use investments to forecast the future of gold prices. Gold Coins, Gold Bullions, Gold Ornaments, and Gold Jewelry are all examples of these investments. In Gold Prices, gold is utilised as a kind of investment. A number of things determine these gold prices. One of the essential aspects of Gold Prices is an investment. The gold rate in Tirupati is determined by market value. Gold prices are heavily influenced by market value. These gold prices determine purity. The purity of 22 karat gold is 92% and the purity of 24 karat gold is 99%.

GST's Impact on Gold Rates in Tirupati

All Gold Rates are subject to the Goods and Services Tax. These gold rates are determined by many criteria, including the purity of the gold. Gold is subject to a 3% GST. The Gold Rates include customs duty and additional processing fees. The processing cost is 5%, and the customs duty is a whopping 10%. In Tirupati, the overall growth in gold rate is increasing these days.

22 Carat gold rate Vs 24 Carat gold rate in Tirupati: 

This is a doubt that many individuals have. Why is 22 Carat gold less expensive than 24 Carat gold? This is because 24 Carat gold is 100% pure gold. While 22 Carat gold is not as pure as 24 Carat gold. 24 Carat gold has a purity of 99.99%, while 22 Carat gold has a purity of roughly 91%. Due to this, you can’t make whatever you want with 22 Carat gold. To make gems, you'll need to mix a few substances to make them less pure.

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Gold Jewellery in Tirupati

Tirupati is one of the most popular destinations for gold jewellery purchases. Therefore, you need to know about the current gold rate in Tirupati, if you are thinking about purchasing gold from here. 

Be aware of the following expenses associated with gold prices:

Leading jewellers, and even small-town jewellers, always quote a greater price per karat. Assume that the current gold rate is 3000 per gramme for 24K gold. If you want to buy a 22K gold ring, the price per gram is 22K/24K*3000 = 2750. However, they constantly charge you a higher rate of roughly 5-8% because most people don't challenge it and don't understand how it's calculated. As a result, they profit from the current gold rate.

The price of gold is used to pay for everything:

Coloured stones, pearls, imitation diamonds, and other items are sometimes embedded in gold patterns, and buyers wind up paying for them at the price of gold if they do not instruct the jeweller to reduce their weight from the gold item.

The real story behind the Karat:

Previously, a jeweller would charge you 22K, and it was considered 22K, but it was usually around 18K. Though, because of the government's efforts to promote Hallmarked Jewelry, this practice has nearly vanished. As a result, only purchase Hallmarked Jewellery.

Digital Gold- A New Concept

Purchasing gold can be identified to be a worthwhile investment in Tirupati since it is the safest form of purchase. Digital Gold is an electronic model of obtaining gold in the form of a certificate, making the whole process significantly feasible. Online platforms such as Khatabook provide the opportunity for individuals to buy gold by avoiding unnecessary cost. Khatabook is easy to use since only a few steps are required for anybody to use it such as: 

  • Entering the required sum of grams
  • Picking payment method
  • Storing gold securely 
  • Selling gold whenever you need
  • Having actual delivery of the gold

Check these parameters before buying gold in Tirupati

Gold Quality Control:

It is one of the most important elements to consider before purchasing gold jewellery.

Gold Price Comparisons:

Comparing prices is also an important step to do when purchasing gold jewellery. As a result, the consumer should compare the prices of gold at several jewellery stores throughout Tirupati. You can see that the costs of creating the jewellery vary from one retailer to the next. Therefore it's critical to compare prices. In Khatabook, you can easily compare these factors before making your purchase. 

Any Particular Seasons:

It can be clearly seen that the gold price rises throughout the wedding season (April to June) and also during the festive seasons. As a result, it is preferable to purchase during these Demanded Seasons early.

Weight of the Materials:

Before making a purchase, make sure to check the weight of the gold jewellery. It would be best if you double-checked that the Gold pricing includes everything. Diamonds, pearls, and rubies are examples of gems.

Examine Certification:

In India, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) was a separate institution tasked with verifying and confirming gold prices.


Gold is one of the most well-known metals significantly used in various occasions such as weddings and festivals. Moreover, investing in Gold also helps in developing your financial portfolio. However, with traditional methods, certain restrictions can be there. That’s why avail the online services provided by the Khatabook for learning all about gold, today


Q: What is the Important Checklist for Buying Gold in Tirupati?


  1. Check the gold price per gram
  2. Know about different Tirupatity levels
  3. Be aware of the buy-back terms
  4. Ensure certification
  5. Collect bill

Q: How is Today's Gold Rate in Tirupati determined?


Today's Gold Rate in Tirupati depends on different factors. For example, the interest rates, the demand for gold etc. Further, the Gold rate in Tirupati is additionally influenced by Government policies and taxes on gold.

Q: What is the easiest way to find the gold rate?


You can find gold rates on online platforms like Khatabook.

Q: Will the gold rate in my state increase or decrease?


Gold rates depend on a number of factors like Inflation, Demand and Supply, Interest rates, etc.  Any changes in these factors would affect the gold rates.

Q: When is the best time to invest in Gold?


It is preferable to buy gold when the gold rates are lower than the average gold rates for the period.

Q: Is Digital Gold safe?


Yes, it is in digital format and stored in an insured locker. 

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