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Buying gold is still the most popular investment mode in Telangana. It is a simple and safe investment. The longer one holds the gold, the better the chances of getting a higher price. Also, note that the modern days offer a variety of technologically sound options to invest in gold for better returns on investments like ETFs, mutual funds, gold company stocks, derivatives and digital gold.

What is Today’s Gold Rate in Telangana?

As of the 12th of October 2021, the 22-carat gold rate in Telangana today is Rs 4465/gm of 22K gold. The 24-carat gold rate in Telangana today is Rs 4688/gm of 24K gold.

Last 10-days gold prices in Telangana:

Gold prices fluctuate daily. Here’s the table for the gold prices over the last 10 days. 


10 Gram (22 K)

10 Gram (24 K)

17 October 2021


Rs. 44650


Rs. 46880

16 October 2021


Rs. 44650


Rs. 46880

15 October 2021


Rs. 45150


Rs. 47410

14 October 2021


Rs. 45050


Rs. 47300

13 October 2021


Rs. 44440


Rs. 46660

12 October 2021


Rs. 44430


Rs. 46650

11 October 2021


Rs. 44190


Rs. 46660

10 October 2021


Rs. 44380


Rs. 46600

9 October 2021


Rs. 44380


Rs. 46600

8 October 2021


Rs. 44130


Rs. 46340


Historical Prices of Gold Rates in Telangana

The below chart shows the price variations in gold over the last 3 months.


Lowest Price 24 Carat Gold Rs. Per 10 Grams

Highest Price 24 Carat Gold Rs. Per 10 Grams

September 2021



August 2021



July 2021




How is the Gold Rate in Telangana Determined?

Gold rates are readily available in financial magazines, jewellery shops, newspapers etc. These rates are typically affected by the following, which are essential to check before investing:

  • The Rupee Vs US Dollar or Foreign Exchange rate fluctuates daily and impacts the imports of gold to our country. India is among the largest gold importers and imports gold in USD. If the USD rate fluctuates, the import duties rise and push today’s gold rate in Telangana 916 up.
  • The Metals Rate is also important to check for silver, copper etc. which also impact the prices of gold as they are used as alloy metals with 24K gold to colour the gold and make it more ductile and malleable. 
  • Gold rate news and predictions on reputed sites like Khatabook.can help predict the gold rate movement enabling maximum profit and the best gold rates.

Why Gold Investments are a Smart Choice?

In Telangana, people are tech-savvy and traditional at the same time. They store gold and buy jewellery for festivals, weddings etc. Telangana investors prefer gold over stock market trading because it is less risky and is considered a status symbol. They are also famous for making gold gifts to deities and temples. 

With bank deposits fetching 5 to 6% interest and the inflation in 2020 standing at 4.96%, gold is an investment that hedges against price rises, inflation and negative returns. Unlike other assets, the value of gold is never zero and hence gold has increased demand and rising prices. Let’s compare how gold deposits fare against investment in physical gold.

Risk Factor

Premature Closure

ROI Analysis


Gold is an asset effective against inflation and a fall in currency rates when included in the portfolio. However, it can be stolen and is hard to store safely. The added costs of making/ wastage charges, insurance etc are substantial.

Gold provides you with both early liquidation and gold loan options.

If you buy gold regularly annually for 5 years, you can get 18% CAGR in returns. Digital gold allows you to buy fractions of a gram of pure gold and leverage both your savings and the day’s gold rates.

Gold both digital and physical is a high liquidity investment that is easy to sell. Digital gold units are exchangeable for physical gold.

The FD on the other hand has no risks attached to it except the falling interest rates and a fixed tenure.

In contrast, the FD sudden closure is penalized with 1% of the interest earned. However, the FDs can also be used as collateral in times of financial distress.

FD’s interest rates are linked to the term and offer an annual rate of 5-6% with an additional 0.5% for senior citizens.

Whereas, the liquidity of the FD is dependent on the bank’s policy.


Modern Gold Options Compared

You can buy gold today in a variety of methods. Take a look at your options.

  • Physical Gold: You can invest in gold bars, coins or jewellery. You can buy it from jewellery shops. However, when buying gold jewellery designing and making charges add to the buying price over and above the gold rate in Telangana. Also, you need to pay for Insurance and safe storage as well. 
  • Digital Gold: Digital gold is gold in an electronic form. Platforms like Khatabook, allow you to invest in digital gold. You can start saving small and accumulate gold in an insured locker till maturity. Units of digital gold can be bought online, starting from one gram onwards at the gold rate today in Telangana.
  • Gold Mutual Funds: AMCs or asset management companies manage gold mutual funds which invest in the ETFs and follow the fund structure. You can also invest in mutual funds through various apps
  • Gold ETFs: The Gold Exchange Traded Funds are exchange-traded instruments. They are invested in Gold stocks of refining/mining companies and physical gold. A Dematerialised or Demat account is needed to begin investing in Gold ETFs. 1 ETF is equal to 1gm of 24K gold and is available at the 24-carat gold rate in Telangana today.
  • Sovereign Gold Bonds: The SGBs are bonds released by the RBI- Reserve Bank of India on behalf of the Government of India. You can buy bonds through banks both in the private and public sectors. The bond prices are linked to the gold prices or the gold rate in Telangana.  It does offer a 2.5% return and is issued for 8 years with a lock-in of 5 years.

Documents needed when investing in gold

  • For investing Rs. 2 lakhs or more, you need the PAN Card and address proof. 
  • One must open a brokerage account and a Demat account with the ETF seller for investing in ETFs
  • For SGBs and digital gold, very little paperwork and no Demat account is involved.
  • To invest in mutual fund’s you will need a brokerage and Demat account.

Factors Affecting Gold Rates in Telangana

Government Gold Reserves  

RBI holds the government gold reserves. When RBI buys more gold, gold prices rise due to an increase in the flow of cash in the market and a decrease in gold supply. 


As gold is compared to currency and holds significant value, it is used to hedge inflation. When inflation is high, demand for gold increases, and vice versa. 

Jewellery Market  

During festivals like Diwali, Akshaya Tritiya, and wedding seasons, the gold rate rises due to increased demand. As a result, when the demand-supply mismatch occurs, it leads to an increase in gold prices. 

Global Movement 

The rate of yellow metal is affected by any global movement in the gold rate. 

Interest rate trends  

With the increase in the rate of interest, people tend to sell gold to get cash. An increased supply of yellow metal leads to decreased rates. However, lower the interest rates; more money in the pockets of customers. Higher the demand and increase in rates of the metal. 


Necessary Checks When Buying Gold Jewellery

Here’s what to check when buying jewellery or gold.

  • BIS Certification: The BIS or Bureau of Indian standards certifies the purity of gold. The most popular 916 gold means that every 100gm of gold contains 91.6gm of pure gold.
  • Hallmark Certificate: This certification has the quality of gold in it. It has the BIS mark, jeweller mark, caratage and year of making.  
  • Caratage: 24K gold is the purest form of gold available and is 99.9% pure. When mixed with small amounts of copper or other metals, the purity will be lower. The choices of buying gold are 22K, 18K, 10K, 14K gold etc.
  • Daily gold rates: Gold rates can vary. Jewellers use the IBJA rate declared by their association daily and set their margins on it. The live prices used in the stock exchange can vary from moment to moment. Today’s gold rate in Telangana used for digital transactions can also vary across locations. Check the alloy rates too as alloys fetch zero return value.
  • Buy-back terms: Buy-back terms are crucial when you sell gold. Check if the store offers a gram-to-gram exchange and buy-back at the prevalent gold rate in Telangana.
  • Making and wastage charges: Most times an increase of 7 to 25% can occur when you buy gold due to making charges. This value is added to today’s gold rate in Telangana per gram to calculate the final price.

Know Your Gold

18k vs 22K vs 24K Gold: 

    24K Gold

22K Gold

18K Gold

99.94 gms to every 100gms of gold.

91.67 gms to every 100gms of gold.

75 gms to every 100gms of gold.



Depends on the alloy.  

Available as coins/bars. 

Available as coins, bars and ornaments.

Available as gold ornaments.

Used in making jewellery, for industrial purposes, and in medical measuring devices.

Used in gold ornaments making.

Used in gold ornaments making.

Most pure and expensive.

Lower purity and costs compared to 24k gold.

Lower purity and cost compared to 24 or 22K gold.

Digital Gold: 

Technological advances have made the electronic purchase of gold possible since 2017. Today over 25 lakh people have digital gold accounts. Digital gold offers pure gold bought in digital form which is then stored in your very own Demat account and insured locker, much like a bank account. Yes, it also has nomination facilities and free insured lockers for free in the initial years.

You get instant ownership of the gold bought which is stored and not part of the handling company’s reserves. You can even buy fractional units of a gram of gold thereby leveraging your small savings into a Gold Savings Plan account on the reputed Khatabook platform.

Selling/Trading Digital Gold

Digital gold trading does not require deep financial expertise, and it can be bought, sold or traded in electronic format. There is no fixed duration and you can withdraw your gold within 4 to 7 days of your purchase. Selling is just about choosing the sell tab and entering your gold type, weight, and checking the gold rate on the platform which may be slightly higher/lower than today’s gold rate in Telangana due to the costs of handling and managing your asset, gateway charges etc.

Availing Gold Loans

Gold can tide you over a financial crisis in the form of a gold loan. The loan is for 6 to 24 months and is dependent on the quantity and purity of gold offered as collateral security for the loan. Almost all cities have reputed gold companies like Mannapuram, Popular etc and banks who offer you up to 90% of the gold value. Once repaid at 10 to 13% bank interest rates, you can reclaim ownership of your gold. If you don’t repay, the gold is forfeited. This loan can help you preserve your gold without having to sell it.

Where to Buy Gold in Telangana

Telangana has a varied choice of jewellery stores. Take your pick.



Chandubhai’s Diamond Store


CaratLane Himayatnagar




Malabar Gold


K Gangadhar Jewellers


Khazana Jewellers


Ruksana Jewellery




No one can predict the rise or fall in the prices of gold as it depends on several factors. But, it is a good idea for gold investors both large and small to have a portion of the investment in gold. Gold is an excellent hedge instrument and pays off in the long run. If investing in jewellery, check out today’s gold rate in Telangana, the gold rate in Telangana today 916 for 22K gold and the 18-carat gold rate todayAlways ensure BIS certified jewellery and maintain the purchase receipt. To buy digital gold visit a platform like Khatabook.


What is today’s gold rate in Telangana?

As of the 18th October 2021, the 22-carat gold rate in Telangana today is Rs 4465/gm and the 24-carat gold rate in Telangana today is Rs 4688/gm.

What is a tola of gold?

Tola is a Hindi gold measure term used in India and is equal to 10gm of gold. The ancient tola is 180 troy grains or 11.66 gm of gold approximately. It is also called Vori in parts of North India and can vary as it is the weight of seeds/grains.

How much is 1 troy ounce of gold?

Gold measures in the USA, Canada etc are in troy ounces or oz and is defined as 1ozt = 31.1034 gm of pure gold.

How much is 1 carat of US gold?

0.2gm is the exact measure of 1 carat in the USA’s measure of gold. Each carat has a hundred 2mg points.

How are carat and karat different?

In India as a whole, the carat is used to define a stone’s purity and is represented as ct. The K behind 24K gold stands for its fineness and means the gold is 99.95% pure.

How can I find the gold rate?

You can find gold rates on online platforms like Khatabook.

When is the best time to invest in Gold?

It is preferable to buy gold when the gold rates are lower than the average gold rates for the period.

How is the purity of gold determined?

The purity of gold is determined by referring to the carats or the BIS certification.

Does the Digital gold account have nomination facilities?

Yes, the account has nomination facilities and in the event of the death of the gold owner, the gold can be claimed by the legal heir.

Why is the buying price higher than the selling price for digital gold?

Gold is a long term investment. Just as when you buy jewellery, charges are added onto the buying price for safekeeping, gateway charges and so on. If you watch the selling prices on the platform and sell after a while the selling prices will most likely be more than the buying price of gold jewellery or digital gold.