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What is the Khatabook Digital Business Card Feature? How Does it Help Small Businesses?

Getting started with a business has become easy as the government of India offers MSME business loans. The catch is to establish, sustain, and grow your business. Marketing any business is the key to making a profit from any business. As a small business owner, you may wonder how to market your business cost-effectively. There are few options like promoting your business online by sending emails, printing small pamphlets, and sharing business cards, etc. Among all, business cards are the most effective as it is simple but contains all information and showcases your professionalism as well. If you still worry about how to design it, how much should you invest in it, and how to promote using it, then we have a solution for you. Yes, the Khatabook Digital Business Card which can be generated using your Khatabook App, the design is based on your business and you can share it as well. Most importantly all these can be done free of cost.

Quickly read this article to understand how to use this Khatabook Digital Business Card feature to generate a card for your business. Also, learn how it will benefit your small business to take it to the next level.

What is Khatabook Digital Business Card Feature & How To Use It?

Khatabook app has a feature called "Business Card" which will help you to choose the design, provide details about your business and either print it or share it via Whatsapp to anyone you wish to. Follow the instructions and images:


  • Open the Khatabook app and click on More
  • Select Business card
  • Click on Edit

All possible edit options


  • Click on each section to edit that includes
    • Business Name
    • Business Type
    • Business Category
    • Business Address
    • Mobile Number
    • Email

This will solve your worry of what to include in a business card which will make your business professional at the same time give an elegant look to the card without stuffing it with details.

Steps To Export The Khatabook Digital Business Card


  • Once all details are entered, it is time to export the card and either print it or share it via Whatsapp which is even more simple. 
  • Click on Download to save it in your mobile device and print it at minimal cost to distribute as a paper-based business card. 
  • Alternatively, click Share and you can preview the card before sharing it with your contacts. 

You can feel glad that your business card looks very professional with elegant design and mandatory details about your business. 

Option To Change The Business Card Design


  • Currently, there are 10 designs provided in the Khatabook Digital Business Card feature. 
  • You can select one by scrolling the bullet points given below the card and choose a different design 

Benefits Of Using Khatabook Digital Business Card for Small Businesses 

he 10 benefits of having a digital visiting card are as follows,

  1. Single Platform - You have everything such as sharing, printing, and storing of the digital business card in a single platform. This enables easier access and sharing of the cards to all the required members.
  2. Environment friendly - The traditional cards are made of paper or plastic and are not easily disposable when not needed. However, the digital cards are easier to share and delete when not needed. It is also easier to modify and make a new card.
  3. Easy Upgradation - The traditional cards are printed in 100s and when there must be an upgradation the old cards are thrown away. However, the digital card can be modified at any time very easily by following simple steps in the application.
  4. Easy Access - Accessing traditional cards is a problem as these cards occupy storage space. For easy distribution, it must be kept in the wallet and only a few can be carried along. The card gets dilapidated within a few days when stored in the wallet. Whereas the digital business cards can be accessed in the smartphone, laptop, computers, iPads, etc within a few seconds. Thus, it is very easy to access digital business cards in large numbers without spoilage and can be distributed to many people.
  5. Inexpensive - The digital cards are inexpensive, one card made can be shared with many people in a single click. The traditional cards are expensive; a pack of 100 cards can cost up to Rs 1000, based on the material used and designs. It is free to make digital business cards in various designs.
  6. Various designs - You need to satisfy yourself with a single design as it is expensive in the traditional printed cards. You can store many designs of cards that you make digitally. It comes in various designs, fonts, colours, etc.
  7. Many Versions of Digital Cards - In digital cards, you can make various versions of the cards that you can share with many types of people so that you create an impact instantaneously. As modifying is easy you can keep many cards digitally.
  8. Great First Impact – All know this phrase, First Impression is the Best Impression, similarly using digital cards by various updates, versions, and designs you can make the first and best impact on the customers.
  9. Short and Best Impression - Digital business cards provide the short and the best summary of your name, company, address, email, and phone along with your designation, creating the best impact.
  10. Time-Saving - You need not search for the traditional cards, once you receive the phone numbers and email you can share the card instantaneously without any hazels.

In summary, the research shows that 88% of paper business cards handed out are thrown in the wastebasket and 63% of people throw them because they do not require your services anymore. The digital business is easier to save them by clients and only a little space is required for this.

Digital cards can be shared in a lot of platforms such as SMS, Whatapp, LinkedIn, Facebook, QR code, Twitter, Facebook messenger, etc

Final Thoughts About Khatabook Digital Business Card

The digital business cards are the way forward for everyone in this digital economy. They come with lots of features and designs. The Khatabook app offers free digital business cards not only for business people but also for the individuals and shop keepers. 

It is provided to help small business owners expand their business by sharing digital business cards. It is very simple to use the app for business purposes. Making a digital business card is a one-time activity in the app; however, you can make many cards in bright designs to attract your customer as explained above. Also, you can print them in case you need a paper-based card. Thus it is possible to create a traditional card at a very low price. 

By sharing the business cards you network with likeminded people, VIP’s and other customers with the click of a button through various channels of sharing. You can get the competitive edge from other similar business people in your business by promoting your business. 

Keep sharing the Khatabook Digital Business Card!!!

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