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How To Check Income Tax Refund Status Online For 2020-21

The filing of annual returns of the Income Tax Department is usually done in the online mode and hence tracking the ITR status for submission, refunds, and refund status are essential. 

How To Check Income Tax Refund Status?

The taxpayers can track the refund status in a simple process using the ‘Refund Status” tab on the IT portal, 10 days after their ITR is submitted and the refund is processed and sent.  For this, you enter your PAN number and the Assessment Year from the dropdown box to find the refund status.

Find the details on how to check refund status of income tax on the Income Tax Department details as shown below:

  1. Go to the Refund Status on the Income Tax website, https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/oltas/refundstatuslogin.html
  2. Enter PAN or Permanent Account Number (PAN)                       
  3. Choose the Assessment Year to check refund status for such as 2018-2019, 2019-2020 
  4. Enter the Captcha Code and click on Proceed.

Your Refund Status will now be visible.                      

What do the messages in refund status indicate?

The list below indicates the income tax refund status India. ‘Refund Status’ reasons usually are mentioned when you check how to check refund status in income tax online. Refund Status messages can be accessed using the income tax refund sequence number and are listed below.

  1. No e-Filing done for this AY/ assessment year
  2. Refund Paid
  3. Not Determined
  4. No Demand No Refund
  5. Refund Unpaid
  6. ITR processed and refund determined/sent to the Refund Banker
  7. Contact Jurisdictional Assessing Officer
  8. Demand determined
  9. Rectification processed demand determined
  10. Rectification and refund processed and sent to Refund Banker
  11. Rectification processed no demand, no refund.

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Refund Status Explained

1. No e-Filing done during the AY/ assessment year: T his income tax refund pending message indicates the income tax refund status. It ca n mean either of the following:

  • Your IT Return has not been filed. 
  • You may have used the offline mode and filed your returns in the paper filing or the physical form instead of the online e-Filing mode. Note that refund status is available only when the ITR is e-filed. 

If yo ur income tax status  displays this message, you should

  1. Check if the AY checked for your refund status is correct. Note that FY 2014-2015 means AY 2015-2016.
  2. If the ITR has not been filed, file it immediately. Penalty may be applicable for late filing.

2. Refund Paid: This generally means the IT Department has sent the cheque of refund or directly debited your Bank Account. So check the income tax return status for the refund at your bank in any of these ways.

  • Via email address itro@sbi.co.in
  • Using the toll-free phone at 1800 425 9760.
  • Write to Cash Management Product, SBI/ State Bank of India, SBIFAST, No: 31 Mahal Industrial Estate, Near the Mahakali Caves Road, East Andheri, Mumbai – 400093.
  • In case you opted for  a refund cheque, check for the income tax refund status 2020 S peed Post tracking number on the site https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/oltas/refundstatuslogin.html

3. Not Determined: This ‘income tax refund status not determined’ message means the IT Department is yet to process your ITR and determine the refund. You should check the income tax refund NSDL refund status after a month

4. No demand, no refund: This means that either

  • Your filed ITR is accepted, and neither demand nor refund is due, or
  • The ITR refunds do not match with your refund claimed. This situation is when the original filing has incomplete or improper sections, TDS data mismatch, etc.

You can che ck how to know income tax refund status with your tax advisor and

  • Revise your ITR return with all deductions and details filled in properly.  
  • Check why the IT Department has disagreed with your assessment of refunds in their intimation sent to you and rectify the errors while supporting your claim.

5. Refund Unpaid: This means the IT Department sent your income tax return status 2020 refund cheque or the bank transfer, and your address or IFSC Code/ bank account details are wrong. Hence the processed refund remained unpaid.

What you can do is 

  • Check the reason on https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/oltas/refundstatuslogin.html by using the Assessment Year and your PAN number.
  • Use the portal of the IncomeTaxIndiaEFiling.com and enter or correct your information, and apply with a “Refund Reissue Request.”

6. ITR processed, refund determined, and sent to Refund Banker: This means your income tax refund status AY 2020-21 ‘Refund Claim’ is accepted and the refund claimed sent out by the Income Tax Department to the Refund Banker. In addition, the services of the Refund Banker service and speed post tracking can be accessed to check whether your non-receipt is due to incorrect bank details or account number.

7. Contact the JAO- Jurisdictional Assessing Officer: This means your income tax refund sequence number status has a clarification issue. It could be that:

  • The IT department has to clarify your refund claim in the ITR, and you should meet the JAO to sort it out.
  • It can also mean you have an outstanding claim of taxes against which the refund was adjusted on your request.

Do contact the JAO of your region by post or telephone.

8. Demand determined: This means that your refund request was processed, and the IT department has found unpaid taxes to be paid by you. The IT department will issue you notice and ask reasons for outstanding tax demands. This situation can also happen due to improper filing, TDS mismatch, etc.

You can contact your tax advisor and 

  • Cross-check the issue in your e-filing records. If erroneous, pay the demand in the intimation within the due date mentioned.
  • If you feel it is an error, use the rectification process and file a return supporting your refund claim.

9. Rectification processed demand determined: This message is sent to taxpayers to use the rectification process and correct the original return. The IT authorities may partially/ completely accept such rectified returns. The IT department will send you an intimation and a demand notice for unpaid taxes giving you 30 days to pay the demand.

10. Rectification processed, refund determined, sent out to Refund Banker: 

This message is for taxpayers who have been served an intimation notice to rectify the original ITR, which may be partially/wholly accepted. Post this, the demand is determined, and the demand for outstanding taxes or refund is issued under intimation with the IT department’s assessment order. This indicates the refund is sent to the banker.

11. Rectification processed, refund determined, sent out to Refund Banker: This means your rectification return is accepted, and neither refund nor demand is applicable in your case.

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Parting words:

How to file IT returns online and check your refund status online need not be a complex job if one understands the nitty-gritty of filing and does it in time. We hope we have been able to convey sufficient information regarding Income Tax refund status 2020-21. Happy ITR filing!


1. How do I get a ‘Refund Returned’ reissue of my refund?

  • Use the Income Tax e-Filing portal login to ‘My Account.’ 
  • Select the ‘Refund Re-issue request’ option  and select the refund mode as Cheque/ ECS. 
  • Fill in the IFSC and Bank Account number or provide the correct postal address for a refund cheque.

2. How can I change an incorrect Bank IFSC or Account Number?

To change the incorrect IFSC or Bank Account Number when you have a ‘refund failure’ intimation, login into the Income Tax e-Filing portal and log in to your account. Then, choose ‘Refund re-issue request’ and select the refund mode as cheque/ ECS by entering the correct details or postal address and submit the request. Once updated, the IT department will process your refund.

3. How can I rectify the incorrect address, e-mail ID, or mobile phone number in my ITR?

To change incorrect address/ email/ phone number, log in to the Income Tax e-Filing portal and log in to your account. Then, choose the ‘Update Contact Details’ tab, enter the correct details or postal address, and submit the request. Once submitted, send a copy to the CPC or Central Processing Center to update the ITR.

4. I have not received the refund cheque and need to change my postal address. Please help.

You can correct the postal address following these steps and seek a refund re-issue at your new address. To change the incorrect address when you have a refund failure intimation, log in to the Income Tax e-Filing portal and log in to your account. Choose ‘Refund re-issue request’ and select the refund mode as cheque. Next, enter the correct postal address and submit the request. Once updated, the IT department will process your refund, sending it to your new address.

5. Why have I not received my refund yet?

When you have not received your refund, you should check the refund status. To check the status, use the Income Tax e-Filing website and log into ‘My Account.’ Then, choose the ‘My Returns/Forms’ tab and check the refund status by entering the PAN and relevant assessment year.

Some of the reasons for the failure could be

  • Your Income Tax Return is yet to be processed.
  • Your ITR was processed, and no refund is due.
  • Your ITR was processed, and the refund has not reached you due to the incorrect bank or postal address details. You should then make a rectification request with the correct address/ bank details.

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