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How to get a DMart franchise?

Everything You Need To Know About DMart

  • DMart Supermarket is one of the largest modern retailers in India in terms of accessible space. It has been in the retail food business since 2002 and employs 20,000 partners in more than 380 stores in Maharashtra. This major retailer has two offices in India, Mumbai and Nashik. Retailers of all sizes have been doing business in DMart stores for years. But more companies have entered this space making it more competitive. 
  • The product range includes basic food products, meat, poultry, bakery, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, cereals, frozen food, etc. In recent times it has also increased its presence in other states of India.
  • DMart is also listed in India under the BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) and the NSE (National Stock Exchange). Some of the DMart subsidiaries under which Avenue Supermarts Limited operates are DMart Minimax, DMart Premia, DHomes, and Dutch Harbor.
  • DMart Supermarkets began by selling just food products. Later on, they were successful in introducing a wide variety of products. These were delivered through an expanding and ever-growing distribution network. This extensive selection allows them to give all their customers a competitive edge in terms of price. With its wide range of products, DMart stores do not compromise on quality. 
  • DMart Supermarkets are the largest grocery supplier and household goods to airports, petrol pumps, and hypermarkets. It represents the ultimate shopping experience for consumers. Keeping with the changing lifestyles and consumer’s desires, DMart stores have delivered a unique shopping experience and provide a variety of services.
  • The company has made it possible for customers to enter a store on their mobile phones to order their groceries online and pick them up on their way home.

Business Model Of DMart

DMart operates under three business models in India, which are given below :

1. DMart Offline Stores 

It has 13 stores across Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, Navi Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Nagpur, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Gurgaon. After expanding its footprint in India's biggest cities, the organised retail chain – DMart went further by opening its stores in Tier II and III cities like Tirupur, Coimbatore, Davangere, Belgaum, Jabalpur, Indore, Bhilai, Raipur, Lucknow, Jaipur, Bhopal, Dehradun, Guntur, Visakhapatnam, etc. 

  • DMart is always on the lookout for new avenues for their retail stores, and cities are an important focus. They have also started opening stores in newer areas of Bengaluru and Jaipur. DMart had aimed to create a network of over 100 stores by 2020, catering to around 50 per cent of the total Indians living in Tier 2 and 3 cities.
  • The offline business model of DMart is the most successful, with more than 200 stores in India. DMart stocks multiple products across various categories. These include imported products. They also offer exclusive products. 
  • DMart's focus on 'price consciousness' has gained wide acceptance over the past few years. It has been a significant reason for its success. Price consciousness refers to its ability to offer good products at low prices.
  • DMart stores are also well known for their focus on providing everyday essentials, a wide range of daily wear, affordable watches, and a wide range of FMCG products at economical prices. The company has been consistent in the prices of the products it sells to consumers. DMart has been on the rise since its inception and has successfully built a strong brand in the Indian retail industry.

2. DMart Pickup Points

To offer more convenience to customers, DMart provides pick up points to its customers. The pick-up points of the DMart are the small places or stores near you where customers can go and pick up their orders which they have placed online. It is not just the physical stores that keep the customers hooked. The focus on social media and customer interaction keeps the customers connected to the brand. The brand has also kept in place the "touch and feel" of the products. The customers get a chance to see the options and compare the options at the same time.

3. DMart Online Stores

DMart Ready is the mobile app of DMart where customers can download the Play Store and  App Store. They can directly start shopping online for their daily needs according to their preferences. Orders can be placed on the DMart website, www.DMart.in.

  • DMart accepts its online payment via the UPI payments app, BHIM UPI (Bharat Interface for Money), apart from using cards. They are committed to making payment easy for their customers. 
  • The combination of online and offline is an exciting opportunity. UPI will drive simple and easy shopping experiences for both consumers and businesses. UPI was launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to give people another easy mode of payment on mobile phones. This will allow payments from any bank account to any other bank account on mobile phones without knowing the beneficiary's bank details.

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Various Operations of DMart In India

The first DMart store launched in India was in Powai, Maharashtra, in the year 2002. The DMart business is expanding at a very fast pace in the Indian cities. It is currently operating in about 75 cities of 11 states in India, including Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, NCR, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, and Rajasthan, etc. with over 200 stores. The head office of the DMart is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

How To Get A DMart Franchise?

While DMart does not offer a special rights management platform under their business to the public, prospective buyers can join the business in many other ways. Currently, all Indian stores are owned and operated under the Avenue SuperMarts Limited banner.

Following are the ways where you can set up a DMart supermarket:

1. If you are a Landlord - You can set up a DMart supermarket franchise if you own land across India as the business is always exploring business opportunities across the country. You can join the DMart business by renting out your property or land or selling it to them.

2. Becoming a supplier at DMart Ready - If you are a manufacturer, wholesaler, or distributor of the type of product that DMart can sell, then you can quickly grow your business. You can sell your products by registering yourself for selling that particular product as a company supplier. For this, you have to fill the form with the required details provided on the official DMart website.

One can also apply for the DMart franchise through the following ways:

  • Visit the official website of DMart
  • Provide your contact details along with a request to acquire a DMart franchise
  • You can also send an email to the official mail address of the DMart or by directly contacting their customer care numbers and indicating your interest.

Benefits Of Getting A DMart Franchise

  • A supermarket is one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow a business and make a big profit. These stores provide customers with all the products they need for their daily needs and create jobs for residents. Simple stores work best when they are backed by a solid and famous brand name, like DMart.
  • As one of  India's leading chain stores, DMart stores operate as a single store to sell all standard FMCG (Fast  Moving Consumer Goods) products. It provides home appliances, food, toiletries, beauty items, clothing, kitchen items, bed and bath items, household items, etc. The company follows the practice of providing customers with all their necessities at a low cost and good quality.

The benefits of getting a DMart franchise are as follows:

1. Brand Name: DMart has a presence in 75 cities in India. It is also one of the most popular companies in India, giving you all the more reason to be a part of its operation

2. Easy management: DMart stores in India come with good internal standards and helps in keeping track of stock in line with high customer demand due to low cost

3. Easy operation: Partnering with a DMart franchise will not involve you in any marketing strategies. Its policy of providing low-cost and discounted deals to customers draws in customers.

4. Minimum requirements: DMart does not require lengthy paperwork. It also offers an easy return on investment.

Requirements And Qualifications Needed For DMart Franchise


  • Area requirement  - 4000 sq ft. floor area in the Main area within the       residential and commercial area
  • Need 10 staff trained in sales, customer management, etc.
  • Need business skills, provide customer satisfaction, and proper management


A person may be eligible to partner with a franchise if he or she meets the following requirements:

  • Standard franchise agreement
  • Lease agreement
  • Aadhar card, PAN Card, and bank details
  • GST registration
  • Documents confirming the financial and business status

DMart Franchise Investment

The DMart franchise cost is Rs. 25000, and there are other expenses related to the setup of the store and its decoration. Therefore, the total investment made by anyone taking the DMart franchise varies from Rs. 1.5 crores to Rs. 2 crores.

  • The total area required to start a DMart store is 4000 sq. ft.
  • Investment - Minimum Rs. 1.5 crores to Rs. 2 crores.
  • Area requirement - 4000 sq ft.
  • Investment Return (ROI) - 3 years
  • Royalties: N/A

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DMart has transformed the retail sector, offering free returns to customers. Retailers are always looking for ways to keep their customers happy and loyal. They are aware that data and understanding customers' shopping habits are the driving force behind any business. 

Therefore, opening a DMart store in your area can be a huge success. It serves as a good option for the people of that area as it will become easy for them to buy the required products and provide jobs for the people of that area.


Q: How to become a partner with DMart?


You can be a part of the esteemed list of suppliers at DMart for a commercially satisfying and profitable relationship. You just have to fill the form provided at https://www.DMartindia.com/partner-with-us by giving your product details as well, and the DMart team will get in touch with you for further requirements.

Q: How does DMart trains its employees?


DMart trains its employees in ACT values, that is, action, care, and truth, to make them efficient in doing their jobs with dedication, determination, and dignity.

Q: What is the minimum investment required to obtain a DMart franchise?


You need a minimum of Rs.1.5 Crore to Rs. 2 Crores to get a DMart franchise.

Q: What is the total floor area required to start a DMart store?


The total floor area required for starting a DMart store is 4000 sq. ft.

Q: Are DMart ready pick points different from DMart stores?


DMart Ready Pick Up Points are specific locations from where you can collect your online order. While placing an order on the mobile app or website, you can select from a list of pick up points that are closest to you and choose a time slot that is convenient for you. DMart will process your order and keep it ready at your desired DMart Ready Pick Up Point. You can collect your order at any time during your time slot. DMart stores are supermarkets from where you can buy their products directly.

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