Senior Frontend React Engineer

Senior Frontend React Engineer


At KhataBook, we’re building utility solutions for small & medium businesses (SMBs). Our first offering – an Android app enabling businesses to digitally record the credit they extend to customers – went viral. In a matter of months, KhataBook has been downloaded 2M times, and more and more businesses are becoming a part of this network.

Some context of the market: 90% of India’s ~$1 Trillion Retail Market is controlled by traditional/unorganized sector. Which means ~$900B worth of commerce flows through ~50M small & medium shops/warehouses/kiosks/homes, scattered all over the country – from mighty metros to tiny villages. A network powered by millions of businesses, built-in turn to power these businesses – that’s our goal at KhataBook.

We’re a small team based in Bengaluru, funded by Sequoia, Info Edge & Y Combinator and we’re always looking for great folks to come and join us on this amazing adventure.


As a Senior Frontend React Engineer, you will be first hand responsible for designing the architecture of our Web Apps, implementing it and making crucial technology decisions.

You will be writing high-quality, clean, performant code in React, Redux, and JSS that will stay in the company for years to come. You will inspire other developers to write good code, and maintain a culture of high-performance engineering teams with exemplary work.

In short, you will ensure our customers and engineers always have a top-notch experience with your work!


  • 2+ years of experience building React applications
  • Experience building UI/UX on a large-scale app
  • In-depth understanding of web browsers – performant CSS design, code execution, event handling, data security, storage, and network requests
  • Strong software fundamentals – data structures and algorithms
  • Being able to write detect edge cases and performance issues early on and fix them
  • Bonus points for building apps in Typescript


Market Rate + ESOP


HSR Layout, Bengaluru

We’re always looking for talented people.

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