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Amicable Settlement with Growthpond

Today, Khatabook and Growthpond jointly announced they had settled legal disputes concerning Dukaan App. To the satisfaction of both the parties involved, Khatabook will get nominal equity in Growthpond’s Dukaan app as a part of the overall settlement. Growthpond can now re-list the Dukaan app, which was delisted from playstore as per the Karnataka High Court's restraining order on October 4, 2020.   

The joint statement by Khatabook and Growthpond, said, "We think that storefront apps are a very relevant solution for small businesses in India to continue doing business in the world with pandemic reality. With this matter now firmly behind us, Khatabook will focus on driving the adoption of the shopfront app, MyStore, by Khatabook. Growthpond will get Dukaan re-listed and focus on the app's continued progress." 

Due to the confidentiality of settlement terms, the companies are unable to further comment on this matter.